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Acoustical Tile010
Addressing, Copying, Mimeograph, and Spirit Duplicating Machine Supplies: Chemicals, Inks, Paper, Etc.015
Agricultural Crops and Grains Including Fruits, Melons, Nuts, and Vegetables019
Agricultural Equipment and Implement Parts022
Agricultural Equipment, Implements, and Accessories020
Air Compressors and Accessories025
Air Conditioning, Heating, and Ventilating Equipment, Parts and Accessories031
Aircraft and Airport Equipment, Parts, and Supplies035
Aircraft and Airport Operations Services905
Amusement, Decorations, Entertainment, Gifts, Toys, Etc.037
Animals, Birds, Marine Life, and Poultry, Live, (Including Accessory Items)040
Appliances and Equipment, Household Type045
Architectural and Engineering Services, Non-Professional907
Architectural Services, Professional906
Art Equipment and Supplies050
Art Objects052
Automobiles, School Buses, Suvs, and Vans (Including Diesel, Gasoline, Electric, Hybrid, and All Other Fuel Types)071
Automotive Accessories For Automobiles, Buses, Trailers, Trucks, Etc.055
Automotive and Trailer Bodies, Body Accessories, and Parts065
Automotive and Trailer Equipment and Parts060
Automotive Shop and Related Equipment and Supplies075
Automotive Vehicles and Related Transportation Equipment (Including Trailers) (Effective 1-1-06 This Class Inactivated, Refer To Classes 071, 072 and 073)070
Badges, Awards, Emblems, Name Tags and Plates, Jewelry, Etc.080
Bags, Bagging, Ties, and Erosion Sheeting, Etc.085
Bakery Equipment, Commercial090
Barber and Beauty Shop Equipment and Supplies095
Barrels, Drums, Kegs, and Containers100
Bearings (See Class 060 For Wheel Bearings)105
Belts and Belting: Automotive and Industrial110
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expand Purchasing Agent : A04 James McCormick ‎(13)
expand Purchasing Agent : A11 Miles Davis ‎(32)
expand Purchasing Agent : A14 Danny Oliver ‎(15)
expand Purchasing Agent : A17 Kimberly Alston ‎(23)
expand Purchasing Agent : A22 Rose Johnson ‎(37)
expand Purchasing Agent : A23 Chris Andresen ‎(23)
expand Purchasing Agent : A26 Sharon McCalop ‎(28)
expand Purchasing Agent : A28 Debbie Hill ‎(10)
expand Purchasing Agent : A29 Joanna Priestley ‎(23)
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