How to Apply for Certification

Businesses interested in becoming certified can apply online. First apply for an NCID at (Allow 1-2 business days), and then proceed to the NCUCP’s online system at The NCUCP online system specifies the required documentation you must submit to apply and directs you through the process appropriate for your firm, e.g. in-state vs. interstate.

Use of the NCUCP online system is encouraged and is intended to facilitate the application process. Paper submissions must include the DBE Certification Application, a personal net worth statement and all the supporting documentation described in the application. The first page of the application includes guidance to help firms determine if they should apply.

After all required information is submitted, the NCUCP will conduct a thorough analysis of the information, perform an on-site interview and determine whether the applicant can be certified as a DBE. The review process generally takes about 90 days once an application is deemed complete. If supporting documentation, signatures or notarizations are missing, or additional information is needed, the application is considered to be incomplete.

DBE Application Tripwires 

Sign up for an NC Identity Management Account Instructions:


  • An NCID account is required for using the North Carolina Online Certification Application Portal.
  • Navigate to the NC Identity Management Registration Page to create a New NCID Account: (Please click the link to the right): NCID Account Application Portal

Step 1: Select account type, choose register displayed in the bottom right corner of the New Account page.
Step 2: In order to register for an NCID account on the New User Registration Page, select the Individual Tab to complete the Vendor/or Firms Company Account Information.
Step 3: Choose a user ID and password

Step 4: An email will be delivered to your personal email to confirm the account setup is complete. Reply to the verification email.

Step 5: Review the terms of service

Sign up for a North Carolina Online Certification Application Portal Account


Step 1: Select the link below to create the account for the North Carolina Certification Application Portal by completing the EBS access request form.

Step 2: Enter the required business information to complete the form and click submit displayed at the bottom right. The form will be delivered to NCDOT's Office of Civil Rights staff to verify the DBE account certification as active.

Step 3:When the account is confirmed to be active, the system will provide a confirmation page with a request number. Reply to the verification email.

Step 4: The EBS security team will set up the user-ID in the system and notifies the vendor/firms user via email once the account is activated. (Note: The account activation will take approximately 24 hours before granting the user access to the portal).


Step 5: Confirm that you have read and agreed to the terms of use by clicking the accept button.


Step 6: The vendor/firms user can login to North Carolina Online Certification Application Portal using their NCID user ID and password:  

Click the URL: Login or Create An Account