• How do I become certified as a SBE?

    The Small Business Enterprise Program, hereinafter referred to as SBE Program, was developed to provide contract opportunities for firms that meet the eligibility criteria, to compete against others that are comparably positioned in their industries and markets. This program gives smaller businesses with annual gross incomes up to $1.5 million, excluding materials, the opportunity to participate in NCDOT construction projects. 

    Type of Work:

    Typical work that may be let under the SBE Program include, but are not limited to, grubbing, clearing, and grading; hauling stone and other materials; erosion control; paint striping; drainage (pipe, curb and gutter, catch basin, etc.); landscape planting; fencing and guardrail, bus stop modifications, electronic and carpentry work on ferry terminals, etc.

    Size of Projects: Up to $500,000

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