Delegated User Administration allows designated employees within your organization to manage access to NCDOT systems for other users within your organization. 

    Organizations that sign up for Delegated User Administration will be provided with access to an easy to use web interface where users within the organization can request access to secure NCDOT resources.  Requests for access are routed to the organization's Delegated Administrators for approval.  From the Access Management portal, Delegated Administrators will be able to approve or deny access requests, remove users from their organization, invite additional employees to participate, and more!


    Construction project team sites are contract specific websites designed to foster collaboration and content sharing between NCDOT and Construction Contractors.  Through Delegated User Administration, contractors and their selected employees can upload design submittals, download electronic plan sheets, submit certified payrolls, and more.  Contractors and NCDOT project personnel have the ability to access and exchange contract specific information and documentation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from an Internet browser. 

    Construction team sites are but one category of project team sites (or entitlements) where access can be delegated.  Project team sites exist or can be created for a variety of NCDOT business areas besides construction. 

    The Benefits of Signing Up

      • Get quick and easy access to NCDOT project resources
      • Manage your own user access requests
      • Handle your own employee turnover without NCDOT involvement
      • Update user access at any time from your web browser
      • Certify the accuracy of your organization's members
      • Reset passwords through NCID Self-service

    See the training materials section to the right for detailed information regarding how users request access and how Delegated Administrators manage their organization's employees.

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