Amboy & Meadow Roads Widening9045539This is the Template for the Project Sites10/18/2018 3:23:03 PM8
U.S. 220 Widening in Greensboro9598563This is the Template for the Project Sites10/16/2018 7:43:59 PM5
I-95 Widening North of Fayetteville1504507Proposed work would involve widening approximately 25 miles of I-95 to eight lanes between I-95 Business/U.S. 301 (Exit 56) in Cumberland County and I 40 (Exit 81) in Johnston County.10/17/2018 8:27:37 PM120;Filler, Alfred L;System Account
I-95 Widening1499680This is the Template for the Project Sites10/11/2018 12:24:20 PM11
N.C. 73 Transportation & Land Use Corridor Plan90272177/10/2018 2:18:08 PM1044;Kim Buttry;System Account
U.S. 74 Express Lanes – Conference Drive to I-485902726910/9/2018 5:50:53 PM2832;Kim Buttry;System Account
U.S. 74 Express Lanes - I-277 to Wallace Lane90272627/10/2018 2:18:25 PM1845;Holley, Amye;System Account
U.S. 70 Corridor Improvements90271907/10/2018 2:18:23 PM2835;Holley, Amye;System Account
U.S. 64 Improvements - Dare & Tyrrell Counties902721910/19/2018 4:35:56 PM944;Holley, Amye;System Account
N.C. 62 Widening - Ramada Road to U.S. 7090271747/10/2018 2:18:08 PM658;Holley, Amye;System Account
I-485 Express Lanes9027243Proposed improvements to add one 17-mile express lane in each direction along I-485 from I-77 to U.S. 74 (Independence Boulevard) in Mecklenburg County8/23/2018 6:39:18 PM4571;Holley, Amye;System Account
N.C. 143 Improvements902721010/19/2018 4:35:52 PM552;Kim Buttry;System Account
I-40/I-77 Interchange - Statesville90272207/10/2018 2:17:56 PM1952;Kim Buttry;System Account
Carolina Bays Parkway Extension90272387/10/2018 2:17:47 PM1614;Kim Buttry;System Account
Bonner Bridge Replacement9027206Construction of a bridge to replace the Herbert C. Bonner Bridge over Oregon Inlet in Dare County and to provide for the long-term retention of N.C. 12 between Oregon Inlet and Rodanthe.7/10/2018 2:17:46 PM13320;Kim Buttry;Amanda VanDerBroek
U.S. 17 Feasibility Study9027188The N.C. Department of Transportation is conducting a feasibility study on 80 miles of U.S. 17 to determine the impacts of upgrading the road to an interstate from U.S. 64 in Williamston to the Virginia state line.10/19/2018 3:44:24 PM918;Filler, Alfred L;System Account
N.C. 54 Corridor Improvements9027186This is the Template for the Project Sites7/10/2018 2:18:08 PM1886;Filler, Alfred L;System Account
U.S. 1/15-501 Improvements (Moore County)9027211This is the Template for the Project Sites7/10/2018 2:18:13 PM1022;System Account
U.S. 21 Widening90272347/10/2018 2:18:16 PM932;Holley, Amye;System Account
14th Street Widening9027180Proposed work would involve widening approximately 1.1 miles of 14th Street in Greenville from Red Banks Road to Fire Tower Road.10/19/2018 2:20:10 PM1012;Kim Buttry;System Account

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