• Submit Lessons Learned and Best Practices

    ​As an industry partner, we value your expertise and invite you to submit best practices and lessons learned from Projects in development and construction. Utilizing the link below, submit into our CLEAR portal – NCDOT's Knowledge Management Program. Your submission will be reviewed and vetted by Department experts and implemented as applicable.

    CLEAR Lesson Learned Form

    Department personnel can access these forms by going to the CLEAR portal: CLEAR Communicate Lessons, Exchange Advice, Record (ncdot.gov)

    Learn more about the program and our 2021 Innovation Challenge: https://youtu.be/CAxT4gDu7yk​ ​

    Sign-up for Notification of upcoming PCAs here​.

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  • Post Construction Assessments

    ​The Post Construction Assessments review identified projects following substantial completion of the project. The assessments bring together the design team, NCDOT personnel, and contractors to review lessons learned and best practices related to the construction of these projects. These lessons are shared across various NCDOT Divisions and Units to improve out knowledge share and transfer. 

    A map of all projects that will have a Post Construction Assessment can be found here: https://arcg.is/1iGzSj ​

    If you have any questions on the Post Construction Assessments please contact the Value Management Team at CLEAR@NCDOT.GOV. 

  • External Users – Create a Business NCID

    New External Users will need a BUSINESS NCID to access Connect NCDOT sites.  An individual NCID will not work properly for access to Connect NCDOT sites.   A State & Local NCID will work.  Follow these steps to create your Business NCID and access to the Encroachment Submissions site.

    1. Click this link to create your Business NCID:  https://ncid.nc.gov/ncidsspr/ 
    2. An NCID confirmation email will be received.  Follow the link in the email to complete the NCID registration process.  This involves logging into NCID with your Business NCID username and password and answering your security questions.

      Important:  Complete Steps 1 and 2 before requesting access.

    Request Assessment Contribution Access

    This is required for all Assessment Participants (internal and external NCDOT participants). Please fill out the following form to be granted contributor rights to the assessment. All internal NCDOT employees have READ access to all projects.
    I​mportant:  This process is not aut​​omated.  Please allow two business days to process your request.

    You will receive an email notification when access has been granted, or if additional information is required.​

Post Construction Assessments

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