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    The purpose of the Product Evaluation Program is to provide a comprehensive evaluation of products to make The North Carolina Department of Transportation’s (NCDOT) network safer, move people and goods more efficiently, and make the infrastructure last longer. Another purpose of the program is to determine if evaluated products are viable for use in North Carolina’s infrastructure by monitoring installations and providing documentation on their durability and performance.

    Products evaluated are typically those that have not been previously evaluated by NCDOT and where a NCDOT Standard Specification does not exist, or products that have a NCDOT Standard Specification will call for a product to be selected from the Approved Products List (APL).

    Products submitted to NCDOT for evaluation must meet the following criteria:

    • The vendor must use the most recent PEP Application and submit electronically;
    • The vendor must identify the proposed use of the product or technology;
    • The product or technology must be directly related to the transportation system; and,
    • The product or technology must be fully developed, marketable, and commercially available.

    Refer all product inquiries to the Product Evaluation Program Engineer Service Line:

    Product Evaluation Program Website:

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