• About Strategic Transportation Investments Bill

    The Transportation Planning Branch is partnering with the MPOs, RPOs and Division Planning Engineers to provide outreach and training to TCC and TAC members and other interested groups regarding the new Strategic Transportation Investments Bill.
  • What’s Happening Now

    Final Scores released on September 24, 2014:

    P3.0 Total Scores

    NCDOT Draft Statewide Program

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  • Local Methodologies

    Each of the MPO and RPO local methodologies have received “conditional authorization” and will be granted final approval/acceptance after Department receives signed TAC resolutions (or meeting minutes which reflect approval action) endorsing the methodologies by MPO or RPO boards. Each of the NCDOT Division will publish their specific set of criteria using methods approved by the NCDOT Communications Office in preparation for each Division's public comment period.

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  • Key Dates

    09/24/2014 - P3.0 Final Scores released
    08/29/2014 - P3.0 is closed for Local Input Point assignment for MPO/RPO/Division
    05/14/2014 - NCDOT releases all project scores and Local Methodologies
    04/30/2014 – Deadline for approval of MPO/RPO Local Input Methodology
    03/31/2014 - NCDOT released preliminary highway project scores 
                         (for previously submitted projects)
    03/03/2014 - Deadline for MPO/RPO/Division to enter new candidate projects
    01/27/2014 – P.3 Open for New Project Submittals
    10/23/2013 - Deadline for MPO/RPO/Division to modify existing P3.0 project
    10/04/2013 – Approval of STI
    09/10/2013 – Presentation to Joint Legislative Transportation Oversight Committee
    08/15/2013 – Report submitted to Joint Legislative Transportation Oversight Committee
  • Transportation Networks by Funding Category

    The STI Funding Category maps are draft. They are still under review by NCDOT and its partners and are expected to be finalized by October 1, 2013. If you have comments regarding the maps, please contact Adam Snipes at (919) 707-4636.

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