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​​What is ATLAS?
The Advancing Transportation through Linkages, Automation, and Screening (ATLAS) tool uses regional, GIS-based data to improve business processes, expedite project development and delivery, and provide a framework for data. 

Early screening of projects helps identify issues that may affect scope, schedule, and budget. ​

What are the ATLAS Tools?

​The ATLAS suite of tools includes:

  • ​​Screening Tool
  • Search Tool
  • Workbench​
The Search/Screening tools are particularly helpful at the beginning of a process as a project team identifies and seeks to understand potential issues in the study area.

The Workbench lets team members upload final deliverables, ensuring the information is stored correctly. It also makes that information available throughout the process to help the project team​ answer questions​.

Who Needs ATLAS​ Training?
Everyone working in the Scoping and Preconstruction phases of a project! 
  • NCDOT project managers and team leads​
  • NCDOT technical staff
  • Consultants
What About SharePoint?
If a deliverable is loaded directly through SharePoint (Connect Scoping or Connect Preconstruction), then it is not guaranteed that the correct documentation metadata is populated, making cross projecting reporting on document status very cumbersome.

ATLAS assigns correct documentation metadata to your files when they are uploaded and
populates this key information on the user’s behalf. This will ensure that there is consistent
information across projects to address current and future reporting needs.

Additionally, the Workbench links your documents to spatial data also uploaded through the
ATLAS Workbench. Adding this spatial context to projects will allow NCDOT to assess project results and inform other projects regionally.

What Training Should I Take?
This training provides quick tutorials on specific questions that are useful for all users.

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  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
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  • Video
  • Presentation
  • Training Manual
  • FAQs​
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  • ​General
  • Screening Tool
  • Search Tool
  • Workbench
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