A significant adverse effect on listed species or critical habitat to the extent that USFWS determines that the proposed action would jeopardize the continued existence of the listed species under the Endangered Species Act. (ESA)
Joint Lead Agency
More than one agency can be a "Joint Lead Agency." Any project sponsor that is a State or local governmental entity receiving funds under Title 23 US Code or Chapter 53 of Title 49 US Code for the project shall serve as a joint lead agency with the USDOT for purposes of preparing any environmental document under the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 and may prepare any such environmental document required in support of any action or approval by the Secretary if the Federal lead agency furnishes guidance in such preparation and independently evaluates such document and the document is approved and adopted by the Secretary prior to the Secretary taking any subsequent action or making any approval based on such document, whether or not the Secretary's action or approval results in Federal funding. See Merger Roles and Responsibilities
Jurisdictional Impacts
Impacts to waters of the US (including wetlands) buffers or other areas subject to regulation under Section 10, Section 404, or NC-DENR's buffer rules, coastal management regulations, or other rules.
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