Spring Field Review Site 01 2007GreeneBridge # 59 on NC 58 over Wheat Swamp Creek
~ The concrete overlay appeared to be performing well, with no observable general cracking
 ~ There were two full-length longitudinal cracks approximately 9'-0" from the exterior on both sides of the bridge (adjacent to the painted lane lines).
 ~ The longitudinal cracks propagated across the elastomeric concrete joint header
 ~ There was a diagonal crack at each of the four corners of the concrete overlay
 ~ Elastomeric concrete headers looked very grainy/cementitous
 ~ Installation of joints looked shoddy, and the joint seals were not well glued to the elastomeric headers.
 ~ Joint seals were turned up and recessed too far in the rail joint creating a debris dam.
 A/I ~ Structure Design will investigate ways to mitigate the cracks in the overlay by possibly changing design details.
 A/I ~ Structure Design will detail the joint seal closer to flush with the face of the barrier rail.
~ 75' single span, with 27" box beams and a concrete wearing surface.
 ~ Let in May 2005 -- this is one of the first box beams/concrete wearing surface projects.
 ~ There has been some internal debate on the adequacy of current amounts of post-tensioning.
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