Spring Field Review Site 10 2007BertieNew bridge on US 17, Windsor Bypass, over the Cashie River
~ The bridge deck will require a lot of cleaning before the concrete overlay is placed. The contractor is considering various cleaning options and methods.
 ~ There was some discussion on the appropriate superstructure type for this location, and the consensus was a girder bridge with a cast-in-place deck. Future design-build scopes of work will preclude short span bridges of this length.
 ~ There was discussion on the clearing and grubbing operations, which left a significant amount of chainsaw cut and mechanized clearing debris accumulated against the natural vegetation line on the downstream side.
 ~ The bridge had a 0.3% tangent grade, which is not very efficient for drainage on a long bridge. The Bridge Maintenance Unit suggested requiring vertical curves on long bridges to improve drainage efficiency.
 A/I ~ For future projects, the Construction Unit will review the contract language for removal of woody vegetation.
 A/I ~ The Roadway and Hydraulics Units will consider 0.5% for the minimum grade, and vertical curves on long structures to facilitate drainage.
~ 1700' long bridge consisting of 33 - 50' cored slab spans.
 ~ Arranged in 3 or 4 continuous span sections.
 ~ Armored evazote joints every 3-4 spans.
 ~ 14 spans have 4" drains at 6' centers.
 ~ 5 ¾" thick concrete overlay with #3s @ 6" cts., and additional longitudinal reinforcing steel over the continuous bents.
 ~ HP14 x 102 piles used over the main channel used, and HP14 x 72 piles elsewhere.
 ~ Interior bent piles driven to 75 - 82 tons.
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