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    This data is intended primarily for internal purposes and may not useful to the general public. GIS or CAD software is required to view the data. Reference layers such as roads, streams, property lines and aerial photos may also be required to display the data in a meaningful context.
    Contour and elevation data for download was generated from LIght Detection And Ranging (LIDAR) data obtained from the North Carolina Floodplain Mapping Program (www.ncfloodmaps.com). Please refer to the Floodplain Mapping site to determine if more current LiDAR data exists. 
    • NCDOT LiDAR Data release: May 2007 - all data was generated from LiDAR in April 2007 (supersedes March 2005 data release)
    • All data is in North Carolina State Plane NAD83 Feet. (Files in meters are not available)
    • Contour data does not contain property lines or roads.
    • If you are unable to open these files in AutoCAD, please check the file size. Your software may have filesize limitations.
    • We cannot clip this data for you.
    • We do not offer this data on CD/DVD.

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