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  • 4.3 Plan Elements

  • ​All NCDOT signing plans shall contain the same information, in the same format, whether they are produced by the NCDOT SDU, a Division, a Municipality, or a PEF to assist with review and sign fabrication/construction.  Signing and Pavement Marking plans should be separated on all projects. Any deviation will require NCDOT approval. The general signing plan elements are as follows and shall appear in this order in all plans if required:

    • Title Sheet
    • Key Sheet (optional, include for urban/ complex projects)
    • Ground Mounted Support Designs
    • Overhead Sign Structure Drawings
    • Type A, B and D Signs (Sign/Panel Designs)
    • Type E Signs
    • Type F Signs
    • Milemarkers
    • Overlay Design and Placement Details
    • Existing Signing Plan Sheets (combine Existing and Proposed if possible)
    • Proposed Signing Plan Sheets

    Page Numbering/Lettering

    All Signing sheets should use the “SIGN-“prefix.  The sheet numbering should use the following format:

    • SIGN-1: Title Sheet, Note Sheets, Key Sheet
    • SIGN-2: Ground Mounted Support Designs
    • SIGN-3: Overhead Sign Structure Drawings
    • SIGN-4: Sign Designs and Overlay Placement Details
    • SIGN-5 Signing Plan Sheets

    If certain elements are not required, the next element shall use the number of the element that is not used.

    Example: If overhead structure drawings are not required, then the panel designs shall begin on SIGN-3.

    If additional sheets are needed for SIGN-1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, letters shall be used for any additional sheets.  If additional letters beyond “Z" are needed, double, triple and quadruple letters shall be used.

    Examples: SIGN-3 is followed by SIGN3A.  SIGN-3Z is followed by SIGN-3AA.  SIGN-4ZZ is followed by SIGN-4AAA

    Regulatory and Warning Designs shall be on separate sheets from other Sign Designs unless otherwise specified below.  Route marker assemblies shall be separate sheets from other types of sign designs unless otherwise specified below.  Reference Marker Sign Designs shall be on separate sheets from other Sign Designs unless otherwise specified below.  For projects with very few sign designs, all types of sign designs may be shown on the same sheet including on the title sheet for very small projects.

    Existing Signing and Proposed Signing Plan Sheets may be shown on separate design sheets (if combining would cause too much clutter) unless otherwise agreed upon during the scoping process.  For any additional Existing Signing and Proposed Signing Plan Sheets, the next numerical number shall be used.  When separated, the Proposed Signing Plan Sheets shall be after all the Existing Signing Plan Sheets and begin with the next number after the Existing Signing Plan Sheets.  If, after design has been started, additional Existing Signing Plan Sheets and Proposed Signing Plan Sheets are needed, letters shall be used to insert sheets into the plan set such that the inserted sheets fall in a logical progression.

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