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  • 4.4 Title Sheet

  • ​The title sheet identifies the package of plans as a set of signing plans.  It is used to provide the general project information as well as project specific details to reviewers, the contractor, inspector and future designers.

    Title Sheet Elements

    • TIP Number
    • Contract Number
    • Vicinity Map – a general map that shows the Interstate, US, Primary and Secondary Routes in a large enough area to locate the project.  Required if there is no Roadway plan set.
    • County and Location information - description taken from the Roadway cover page
    • General Notes – a list of notes that can apply to all projects; the Engineer may add or modify notes to this list as necessary as they apply to the signing plans as a whole (included on Seed Files)
    • Pay Item Notes – a list of project-specific pay items as they are written in the Measurement and Payment subsection in each Section of the NCDOT (Specs) or in the Measurement and Payment subsection of a Project Special Provision.  Only the pay item notes required for a project shall be included.  Pay item notes shall be given a unique number, ordered by the Description number from the latest Pay Item List shown on Signing and Delineation Seed Files.
    • Project Notes – brief descriptions of work necessary to convey specific construction details to the contractor.  Project notes are used to expand upon the Construction Method subsection of the NCDOT SSRS of a particular pay item note.   Project notes shall not be used to delete or modify any part of the Standard Specifications for Roads and Structures.
    • Roadway Standard Drawings – A list of all applicable signing-specific Roadway Standard Drawings shall be listed on the title sheet. 
    • Quantities – A list of all signing quantities shall be listed in numerical order by Description number as they appear in the 2018 Transport Pay Item List. Do not include any state furnished quantities in the summary of quantities.
    • Sheet Index – a list of signing sheets by element type
    • Contact Information – a list of applicable contact information such as the Signing and Delineation Regional Engineer, Signing and Delineation Project Engineer, Design-Build Squad leader, Division Traffic Engineer, Regional Traffic Engineer.  If the Signing and Delineation Unit does not review the plans, they shall not be listed on the title sheet.
    • Firm Information – If prepared by a PEF, the title sheet shall contain the PEF name, address, NCBELS License number and main office number.  A non-colored logo may be included.

    Additional Resource

    Title Sheet Example and Description

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