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  • 4.17 Existing Signing Plan Sheets

  • ​Existing Signing Plan Sheets are a record of the existing conditions of the project prior to construction.  The information shown on the Existing Signing Plan Sheets comes from various sources including, but not limited to, existing signing plans, preliminary field investigations, final survey data, aerial photography, etc.

    In recent years, online resources such as ground level imagery have become valuable tools in analyzing existing conditions.  However, such imagery becomes out of date very quickly.  Great caution shall be used by the engineer as to when using such data is relevant and useful.  Online resources shall not be used to replace a field investigation, but they can be used to supplement a field investigation.

    Preliminary Field Investigations 

    BE SAFE Review NCDOT Field Trip Safety Procedures.

    NEVER STOP, STAND OR PARK IN GORE AREA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If available, print a half-size copy of all previous project signing plans.  When plans are not available, use the final survey data shown on the new CADD file.  It will be necessary to leave landmarks on these plans (driveways, ponds, wells, etc.) to help in locating existing signs while in the field. These landmarks should be removed in preparation of the Existing Signing Plan Sheets.

    Inventory all existing signs and guardrail.

     (Bullets instead of paragraph format) Sign messages should be shown exactly (spelling, all caps, upper and lower case), as well as type of supports and number of supports and footings.  Sign sizes shall be recorded including letter heights if possible.  Note existing offsets, support spacings, and support sizes.  Locate mainline signs using station numbers (if possible) or another reference point such as distances to other signs or guardrail. Note the condition of the sign and the date the sign was erected.  Note the owner of the sign as some signs may be erected and maintained by municipalities or other authorized entities.  Data on the backs of signs have either the date of sign erection or size of the sign.  Video may be taken of the entire mainline corridor and -y-lines but should not replace the actual field notes.  However, in a dangerous work area (heavy traffic with no shoulder, etc.), the video may be used alone.  Pictures of the face of each non-standard sign and the reverse of each non-standard sign are recommended.  Signs on non-standard supports should be replaced (signs, supports and footings). If signs owned and maintained by NCDOT are less than five years old and in good condition, they may be retained for use if still relevant and warranted.  For existing signs that may not need replacing, measure horizontal clearance. Replace all relevant and warranted Type "E" and "F" signs regardless of age or condition.  PEFs shall submit to the managing unit all Preliminary Field Investigation data including field notes, photos, and videos if requested by the managing unit.

    Sign Service Life

    These notes are very important and should be accurate and easily understood. (Example: sign is on two breakaway supports, field notes should read 2BA; two U-Channel posts, 2U; two simple supports, 2S).

    All information necessary to complete the existing signing components of the preliminary plans should be gathered in this field investigation.

    After the preliminary field investigation, it needs to be determined and shown which existing signs, sign supports, overhead signs, and/or overhead sign supports will not be needed or relevant when the project is completed.  

    Sign Annotation

    All existing signs shall be properly annotated on the Signing Plan Sheets.  The notes provide identification of the sign as well as dictate what work is required.  Existing signs to remain at the end of the project shall be notated as such.  Signs to be relocated shall be annotated with their sign sizes, a sign number support design, and pay item notes.  Complete sign systems to be removed are to be notated with the proper system disposal note. This aids in constructability purposes as well as quantities.

    Additional Resources

    NCDOT Field Trip Safety Procedures
    Example Existing Signing Plan Sheet (Link)

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