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  • 4.19 Three-Person Check

  • ​A strategy used by the Signing and Delineation Unit for Quality Control is a Three-Person Check (3PC).  A (3PC) shall be performed for the plan checking submittal (95%).  A 3PC shall be performed only after other design checks and updates have been performed as it is intended to be a final quality control process. 

    At the time of the 3PC, only minor errors, if any, should be found.  Sign size, message, station number and support type (breakaway or simple) should match on signing plan sheets, sign designs, ground mounted cross sections, the support design sheet and overhead sign structure drawings, if there are any overheads.

    Quantities found on sign designs should be the total number of signs found on roadway sheets.  Any discrepancies found during a 3PC shall be investigated, corrected and verified before plan submittals.

    For projects designed by the SDU, the 3PC shall not be eliminated under any circumstances. On smaller, less complicated projects, a two-person check may suffice. Plans will not be accepted by the Managing Unit without the date and initials of the Project Engineer stating a 3PC has been performed.

    One method to execute a 3PC is for one reviewer to have the signing plan sheets, one reviewer to have the sign designs, and another reviewer to have the ground mounted support designs and overhead sign structure drawings.  The reviewer with the signing plan sheets will call out sign numbers, station numbers, sign messages and breakaway or simple for support type, which are verified on the other sheets by the other reviewers.

    The 3PC should also be used as a time to review the plans for any safety or other fatal design flaws.

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