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  • 6.5 Correction Procedure For All Revisions

  • Plans


    Plans can be found on the Connect Site or Projectwise.  If plans are on the Connect Site, then copy over the sheets need to be revised.  If plans are on Projectwise, then they can be open directly from the file folder. Rename the original file, add an “VOID" in all caps to the end of file name (exp. 210_005_BR-0051_Sgn_PMP-1_220308 would become: 210_005_BR-0051_Sgn_PMP-1_220308_VOID.dgn) If additional files(sheets) are added to project use an “A, B or C ect…… to the original number in all caps. Sheet number exp. SIGN-3A, file name exp. 250_025_BR-0051_Sgn_SIGN-3A_220308.dgn



    Deleted information about hard copy sheets and replacing plans in file room.

    Revised sheets should be corrected in the following order:

    -  All (if any) PMP Sheets: including Title and Schedule

    -  Signing Roadway Sheets

    -  Sign Designs and the “E" & “F" Sheets

    -  Support Charts

    -  Structural Line Drawings                                                                                                                

    -  Summary of Quantities


    Making correction to plan sheets


    First, determine the sheet numbers that are affected by the revision(s). 

    Each existing sheet will need to be changed to a Revision Sheet (add link example here)



    Revision Notes

    Each sheet is to be noted as revised in the bottom of the plan sheet page in the revision box.


                             4/24/22 ADDED SIGN(S)104, DELETED SIGN(S) 105 JD

                             6/05/22 REVISED “S" PER FIELD VERIFICATION JD

                             10/12/22 REVISED SIGN DESIGN(S) 110 SIZE JD

                             2/20/22 RELOCATED SIGN(S) 101 TO SHEET 33 JD

                             3/15/22 ADDED SHEET 22B JD

                             3/15/22 REVISED SIGN(S) JD (FOR SUPPORT CHART SHEET ONLY)

                             3/19/22 REVISED JD (FOR SUMMARY OF QUANTITIES ONLY)


     (Revision Example)


    Original Seals


    The revision will need the original seal and all seals from previous revisions in one of the following ways:


         a) If the original seal and all revision seals are still on the plan sheet, then the person resealing the plan sheet will seal, date, and sign.  The sealer has the option to state what type of revision they are sealing.


         b) If a sheet is being regenerated from CADD and does not contain the original seal or all revision seals, then a statement will be placed in the location of the original seal as to the original sealer's name, number and date sealed.

         Example:  This document originally issued and sealed by John Q. Smith, # 99999, 3/22/22

                        Revision sealed by John Q. Smith, #99999, 6/12/22


    Three-way check


    After a large revision has been completed a three-way check should be done to ensure that everything is correct before it is turned for Professional Engineer's seal.


    Letters (Revision Example Form Letter​)


    Send appropriate Revision letter from Share Menu. Including a brief statement concerning reason for and type of revision. 



         Overhead Sign Assembly “A" has been relocated due to utility conflict. 

         Sign no. 198 has been added per Division request.

         Sign no. 106 has been redesigned

         Sheets 22A and 22B have been added


    Email the letter to Resident Engineer and CC: the appropriate Signing Supervisor Add Project Manager See Form Letter.


    Final clean up



    Ground Mounted 

     'S' Dimension Revisions

    (Sheets to change)

    Relocation of signs

    (Sheets to change)

    Support chart Roadway sheets
    Summary of QuantitiesSupport Chart
     Summary of Quantities

    Sign Size Changed

    (Sheets to change)

    Adding or deleting a Sign

    (Sheets to change)

    Roadway sheetsRoadway sheets
    Sign Design SheetsSign Design (A, B, and D signs)
    Support ChartSupport Chart (A and B signs)
    Summary of QuantitiesE and F sketch sheets
     Summary of Quantities

    Elevation Changes

    (Sheet to change)

    Sign Size or location on OH

    (Sheets to change)

    Structure line drawingsRoadway sheets
     Sign Designs (A, and B signs)
     Structure line drawings

    Relocation of O.H.

    (Sheets to change)

    Adding or Deleting a Sign

    (Sheets to change)

    Roadway sheetsRoadway sheets
    Structure line drawingsSign Designs (A, and B signs)
     Structure line drawings
     Summary of Quantities

    Deleting an Overhead

    (Sheets to change)

    Adding an Overhead

    (Sheets to change)

    Roadway sheetsRoadway sheets
    Sign Designs (A, and B signs)Sign Designs (A, and B signs)
    Structure line drawingsStructure line drawings
    Summary of QuantitiesSummary of Quantities

    Overhead and Ground Mounted



    Message Change Only (no sign size changed)

    (Sheets to change)

    Roadway sheets 
    Sign Designs (A, and B signs) 
    Structure line drawings ​

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