• TODS Signing Program

    What is TODS?
    The North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) participates in a federal program to provide tourist oriented directional signing (TODS) on all state or US highways or roads that are not fully-controlled access highways (have driveways or intersections). This program allows the department to install signs to which individual attraction names, distances, and directional arrows are attached. These signs are paid for by the attractions, and the Department constructs and maintains the signs for the attractions.
    TODS Application Process:
    Tourist oriented directional signs are installed when qualifying attractions enter into an agreement with the Department and pay the required fees. To be eligible for TODS, all attractions must be defined as either tourist-oriented businesses or facilities. A tourist-oriented business must sell a substantial portion of products or services (including seasonal agricultural products) of significant interest to tourists. A tourist-oriented facility must derive a major portion of income or visitors during the normal business season from road users not residing in the immediate area of the facility. The attraction must be located on the crossroads at or near an intersection. In addition, all TODS attractions must meet the minimum state requirements including the North Carolina General Statutes and the North Carolina Administrative Code. If a potential TODS attraction desires tourist oriented directional signing at one or multiple intersections, the owner should contact the appropriate Division TODS Coordinator that corresponds with the county of the potential TODS intersections (within 5 miles of the attraction) that the owner would like signed. Additional information on the TODS program can be found in the TODS Program Information Brochure.
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