Guardrail Installation

(September 2003 Letting)

Below are Details to be used in lieu of the 2002 Roadway Standard Drawing 862.02 in TIFF format and Metric Units.
Click on the desired document to view. Hold down shift and click to download and save to your computer.

Individual Detail Sheets for viewing and printing (Do Not Insert these sheets into the Roadway Plans).

0862d0201m.tifGuardrail Installation - Sheet 1 of 7
0862d0202m.tifGuardrail Installation - Sheet 2 of 7
0862d0203m.tifGuardrail Installation - Sheet 3 of 7
0862d0204m.tifGuardrail Installation - Sheet 4 of 7
0862d0205m.tifGuardrail Installation - Sheet 5 of 7
0862d0206m.tifGuardrail Installation - Sheet 6 of 7
0862d0207m.tifGuardrail Installation - Sheet 7 of 7

For Insertion into the Roadway Plans (34" x 22" plan sheets):

If any part of the "Detail Drawings" are required insert ALL drawings in the Roadway Plans. DO NOT cross-out any drawings in the set.

0862d02am.tifGuardrail Installation - Sheet 1 and 2 of 7
0862d02bm.tifGuardrail Installation - Sheet 3 and 4 of 7
0862d02cm.tifGuardrail Installation - Sheet 5 and 6 of 7
0862d02dm.tifGuardrail Installation - Sheet 7 of 7

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