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Yes, you will be able to come back at a later date and complete your data entry until May 9, 2012. The data is saved as it is entered.​
No, the classification and wage rate data is entered for each individual worker.  We have requested that you include North Carolina Department of Transportation Contract Numbers so that we may verify the data that is being entered is consistent with what was submitted on Certified Payrolls.​
The company completing the survey will determine their Peak Month of employment. It is defined as the month estimated by your company as having the most work and the most variety of worker classifications during the survey period for which the data applies – January 1, 2010 through December 31, 2011​. The peak month may and likely will be different per region.
This survey is to be completed by contractors and subcontractors for wages paid to laborers and mechanics that performed work on North Carolina highway type projects.  The projects must have been greater than $2000 and included alterations/repair of roads, streets, highways, runways, taxiways, alleys, trails, paths, parking areas, bridges, or other similar projects with federal, state, local government, municipal or private funds.  Note that the survey is not intended to capture wage information for owner/operators.​
The North Carolina Department of Transportation partnered with Industry representatives from the Carolinas Associated General Contractors and the Carolinas Asphalt Pavement Association to develop a standardized list of job classifications and associated descriptions.​
The U.S. Department of Labor has a defined method for determining metropolitan and rural areas based on the U.S. Census results.  The North Carolina Department of Transportation divided the state into Eastern, Central and Western regions and then used the USDOL methodology to determine metropolitan and rural counties.  These regions may be further combined after the survey, if the data shows that there are no significant differences between the regions.​
No, the survey is not intended to capture wage information for owner/operators.​
The North Carolina Department of Transportation designed this survey to provide accurate information across the state with several standard job classifications including specialty job classifications.  Your participation is requested because a statistically significant amount of data in each job category in each region is needed to provide accurate prevailing wage determinations in the widest variety of job classifications possible.  Subcontractor participation is needed to make sure all specialty job classifications have enough information to provide a statistically significant prevailing wage determination.  Overall participation levels are critical in determining the success of this survey and whether the North Carolina Department of Transportation will repeat this survey periodically for future wage determinations.​
The data submitted may be designated by you as confidential and treated as such to the full extent of the law.  A third party statistical analysis company will receive the wage data WITHOUT identifiable information linked to your company or your employees individually.  They will analyze the wage data by job classification and region to create a final summary report which will be available on our website.​
Using a NCID allows the person completing the survey the ability to access the survey and come back at a later time to access the data that they have entered for their company.  Some companies may already have one if they have recently completed a NCDOT prequalification package.  NCID's may be set-up on a company or an individual basis.  Below is a link to register a new NCID:​
NCID password resets, forgotten IDs, the “Need Help?” feature and registration for a new NCID account may be found at  If you are unable to use your NCID account, please contact the ITS Service Desk at 919-754-6000 or 1-800-722-3946  Issues specific to the survey itself can be addressed through the “Contact Us” link on this website. ​