GHSP has a new main telephone number, 919-814-3650. Please follow the prompts to reach GHSP personnel.


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  • STEP (Statewide Traffic Enforcement Program) Reporting System

    The Governor's Highway Safety Program's STEP System encourages participation at GHSP-sponsored events and highway safety initiatives.  Law enforcement agencies may earn credits by submitting activities and events after they occur in the STEP System. 
    Login information for the STEP System:
12/9/2016 12:00 AM12/13/2016 5:00 PMTuesday, 12/13/2016, by 5:00PM
12/14/2016 12:00 AM12/20/2016 5:00 PMTuesday, 12/20/2016, by 5:00PM
12/21/2016 12:00 AM12/27/2016 5:00 PMTuesday, 12/27/2016, by 5:00PM
12/28/2016 12:00 AM1/1/2017 5:00 PMWednesday, 1/4/2017, by 5:00 PM
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