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    How to write an Effective Traffic Safety Project

    GHSP has updated the on-line grant application for highway safety funding. For enforcement and equipment grants there is a guiding document with example agency goals and objectives as well as county level crash data. Agencies submitting applications for this type of grant should review the guiding document before completing the application to streamline the process and ensure your application is competitive. Enforcement and equipment applications must include the county level data in your application. Below are the two documents for review.

    For questions regarding the grant application process please call the GHSP office and ask to speak to a Grant Specialist at (919) 733-3083. Monthly enforcement reports are not in any way tied to the points system or online reporting.

    Click to open forms.  Please fill out completely, then print and sign. Send them to the Grant Specialist assigned to your project or representing your geographic area.

    If you have a question for the Grant Specialist representing your area, please contact your region's Grant Specialist.

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