Each year, in accordance with General Statute 136-28.8, the Department publishes an Annual Recycled Products and Solid Waste Utilization Report and provides it to the Secretary of Transportation. This report summarizes the types and quantities of recycled and solid waste materials that were used during each state fiscal year ending June 30th.

The purpose of this form is to gather data to report the recycled, solid waste, and reused material utilized in each Division and compiled to be submitted as the Department's efforts to recycle construction and maintenance materials as a whole. All District Engineers, Resident Engineers, Roadside Environmental Engineers, and any other working sections within your Division that may have utilized recycled, solid waste, or reused materials in construction and maintenance projects should complete this form.

Thank you for reporting this data.

 Use this form only for the prior Fiscal Year (7/22 to 6/23)

Recycle Form

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DOT/DMV Offices and Rest Stops

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