SPD 01-010.docxSPD 01-010SPD 01Division Proposal Cover2013-03
SPD 01-015A.docxSPD 01-015ASPD 01Instructions to Bidders for Division Let Projects2014-10
SPD 01-055.docxSPD 01-055SPD 01Electronic Bidding (Division Contracts)2017-07
SPD 01-140.docxSPD 01-140SPD 01ICT Lane Restrictions For Freeways2013-03
SPD 01-180.docxSPD 01-180SPD 01Erosion Control Liquidated Damages2013-03
SPD 01-200.docxSPD 01-200SPD 01Notification Of Work (Litter and Debris Pickup)2010-09
SPD 01-260.docxSPD 01-260SPD 01Work To Be Performed By State Forces2013-03
SPD 01-280.docxSPD 01-280SPD 01Site Investigation and Representation2014-03
SPD 01-300.docxSPD 01-300SPD 01Mandatory Pre Bid Conference2013-03
SPD 01-310.docxSPD 01-310SPD 01Mandatory Pre‐Bid Conference ﴾On Time﴿2013-03
SPD 01-400.docxSPD 01-400SPD 01Bids Over Limit2014-01
SPD 01-410.docxSPD 01-410SPD 01Division Let Prequalification2015-04
SPD 01-420.docxSPD 01-420SPD 01Contract Payment and Performance Bond2014-01
SPD 01-420A.docxSPD 01-420ASPD 01Bond Requirements2016-06
SPD 01-420B.docxSPD 01-420BSPD 01Bond Requirements (No Bond Required)2016-06
SPD 01-440.docxSPD 01-440SPD 01Contractor Claim Submittal Form2014-02
SPD 01-460.docxSPD 01-460SPD 01Authority of the Engineer2014-01
SPD 01-500.docxSPD 01-500SPD 01Night Operations2013-03
SPD 01-550.docxSPD 01-550SPD 01Liability Insurance2014-01
SPD 01-600.docxSPD 01-600SPD 01Contract Period2014-02
SPD 01-650.docxSPD 01-650SPD 01Progress Schedule2014-02
SPD 01-700.docxSPD 01-700SPD 01Prosecution and Progress2013-03
SPD 02-100.docxSPD 02-100SPD 02Clearing and Grubbing2014-01
SPD 02-200.docxSPD 02-200SPD 02Removal of Existing Building2010-07
SPD 02-250.docxSPD 02-250SPD 02Removal of Existing Concrete Pavement Slabs2013-03
SPD 02-300.docxSPD 02-300SPD 02Lump Sum Grading2014-01
SPD 02-500.docxSPD 02-500SPD 02Slope Scaling2014-02
SPD 03-100.docxSPD 03-100SPD 03HDPE Pipe Liner2014-01
SPD 04-100.docxSPD 04-100SPD 04Repair of Damaged Steel Beams2014-02
SPD 04-200.docxSPD 04-200SPD 04Bridge Cleaning2013-03
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