• NCDOT GIS Standards and Practices

    As part of the North Carolina Department of Transportation's efforts to maximize the value of our investment in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), data management, and access to data, we have developed geospatial standards and practices. The purpose of these standards and practices is to provide users with necessary information about the data, to support improved linking of different data sets, and to better manage the Department's GIS investments.

    The GIS Unit will work with users to evaluate and implement the changes necessary to bring the current GIS efforts and practices up to these standards.

    The standards and practices listed here are will continue to change and grow as the NCDOT enterprise GIS matures.

    Standards (Required)

    NCDOT Geospatial Data Collection and Acquisition (coming soon)
    Practices (Recommended)
    North Carolina Geographic Information Coordinating Council (GICC)
    As part of the Council's work, standards are routinely crafted, discussed, and evaluated by the NC GIS community of federal, state, and local government members. Each standard is promoted to the wider community.
    Federal Geographic Coordinating Committee
    The FGDC Steering Committee has officially endorsed the following external standards in accordance with the FGDC Policy on Recognition of Non-Federally Authored Geographic Information Standards and Specifications.
    These standards play an important role in enabling interoperability. Included are standards from the Open Geospatial Consortium; ISO Technical Committee 211, Geographic information/Geomatics; the American National Standards Institute (through International Committee for Information Technology Standards Technical Committee L1, Geographic information systems) and de facto standards. 
    Other FGDC-endorsed standards
    Geographic Information Framework Data Standard
     The Geographic Information Framework Data Standard establishes common requirements for data exchange for seven themes of geospatial data that are of critical importance to the National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI), as they are fundamental to many different Geographic Information Systems (GIS) applications. These themes are known as NSDI Framework data themes. The seven NSDI Framework data themes are:
    1. Cadastral data
    2. Digital orthoimagery
    3. Elevation
    4. Geodetic control
    5. Government Units
    6. Hydrography
    7. Transportation
    Esri Data Models
     Esri has established a set of best practices geodatabase designs for various application domains. These database design models are intended to help GIS users rapidly become productive with the geodatabase and share what really works among users and our developer communities.
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