Go to the NCDOT Hydraulics/FEMA Coordination Team Site in order to submit SFC, CLOMR, or LOMR packages.  Once you have access, the site can be found on Your Team Sites

Registration is required to access the coordination team site.

To register, please use the button below to e-mail your name and NCID or AD :

Once permission has been established you will be notified.
  • Revised NCDOT/NCEM MOA

    All project submittals requiring engineering sealed documents (BSRs/CSRs) dated after January 1, 2022 must be reviewed in accordance with the Coordination and Compliance Plan​ (CCP). Any submittals with BSRs/CSRs sealed prior to that date will follow the previously effective guidance associated with the August 12, 2016, MOA up until April 4, 2022. All project submittals made following April 4, 2022 (regardless of when the BSR/CSR was sealed) must be reviewed in accordance with the CCP.​

    Frequently Asked Questions​ about the new State Floodplain Compliance(SFC). 

  • Lunch & Learn: Revised NCDOT/NCEM MOA ​

    ​A recording of the November 16th Lunch & Learn on the Revised NCDOT/NCEM MOA ​can be downloaded from the following link: Recording

    A copy of the presentation can be downloaded from the following link: Presentation

  • FEMA Coordination Meetings

    Virtual Meetings Held On The First Thursday of Every Month​ via the Mircosoft  Teams Platform.  

  • FEMA Flood Insurance Study Data (models, etc.) Requests

    ​Please use the Flood Insurance Study Data Request Form​ for requesting hydraulic models or other needed FIS data not available on the NC Floodplain Mapping Program's Flood Risk Information System website (FRIS)​.  This will help us to deliver the requested data more quickly and efficiently.​

 As-Built Certification Guidance for Division Staff

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