Submittals and Requests

Go to the NCDOT Hydraulics/FEMA Coordination Team Site in order to submit MOA, CLOMR, or LOMR packages and to request data.  Once you have access, the site can be found on Your Team Sites

Registration is required to access the coordination team site.

To register, please use the button below to e-mail your name and NCID or AD :

Once permission has been established you will be notified.
  • FEMA Coordination Meetings

    Meetings Held On The First Thursday of Every Month​ in the Hydraulics Conference Room



    Change in NCDOT definition of "No-Rise"

    Effective immediately (as of 2/16/17), per NCFMP, NCDOT's definition of "No-Rise" (in Section 15.9 of the 2016 Guidelines) must be revised to no longer include up to a 0.1 ft. increase; rather, the "No-Rise" condition to qualify for a Type 1 MOA submittal must be no change in BFE (0.0 ft.) or a decrease of 0.1 ft. (rounded to tenth of foot).  An increase of 0.1 ft. or greater would require a CLOMR for projects in a Detailed Study.  In a Limited Detailed Study reach, an increase from 0.1 ft. to less than 0.5 ft. would now qualify as a Type 2d.  NCDOT Hydraulics is working on updating guidance on this.

    Use of HEC-RAS 5.0 and up

    December 07, 2016 - HEC-RAS 5.0 and up will not be accepted for use on NCDOT projects until further notice.  Until notified, continue to use HEC-RAS 4.1 (3.1.1 or higher is acceptable).

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