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    This is the hub for Consultants doing business with NCDOT with ​tools for becoming prequalified, guidelines and forms, listings of advertised work, and selection results for consultant contracts.​​​​ 

  • 2022 Hydraulics Support Services LSC

    The Hydraulics Unit is pleased to advertise for the 2022 Limited Services (Hydraulic On-call) Contracts (LSC). As has been the case with the 2018 LSC, it is expected that traditional hydraulic design for STIP projects (i.e. Rural, Interstate, Bridge and Urban) will be assigned by Project Managers in the Division and Central offices using other planning and design contracts, and not assigned directly by the Hydraulics Unit on this LSC. Ancillary support for the delivery of the STIP and the program areas within the Hydraulics Unit will be the primary use of this Contract. The complete details of this advertisement including expected scope of work can be found on the Private Engineering Firm Advertisements list.  

  • Project Advertisements

    Please review the Select Project Advertisement List for projects with a status of: Open – accepting Letters of Interest.  If your firm is interested in responding to an open advertisement then fill out the requested information on the Pro​ject Specific Letter of Interest Form​​ and email this form to the Hydraulics Unit staff contact person listed for that specific project.  

    FAQ the Hydraulics Unit Project Advertisements List​


    Select Project Advertisement List 

    Project Specific Letter of Interest Form​

  • Contract Management Purchase Order (CMPO) Requirements

    To complete work under a Limited Service Contract (LSC), a Contract Management Purchase Order (CMPO) must be established.  Once the CMPO documentation has been received by the Professional Engineering Firm (PEF) a Notice To Proceed (NTP) may be issued. ​

    Deliverables for Each Submittal:

    ​​​​​​​​​​​​Cost Plus​​​​ Contract

    All information should be sent to hydraulics-procurement hydraulics-procurement@ncdot.gov and copy the Hydraulics Project Manager.  DO NOT email the Hydraulics Unit Office Administrators independently.​​

  • Hydraulics Prequalification

    ​​Hydraulics Prequalification Discipline Requirements​

    Once your application has been submiited a request for work samples will be sent.  The  work samples may be in either hardcopy or digital format; however, digital format is preferred. Include a work sample (with any design computations) for each item listed in the Description of Work for the discipline(s) requested. Also, please provide a summary (or index) of the work samples submitted and a list of key personnel related to the requested disciplines. 

  • Revised NCDOT/NCEM MOA

    All project submittals requiring engineering sealed documents (BSRs/CSRs) dated after January 1, 2022 must be reviewed in accordance with the Coordination and Compliance Plan​ (CCP). Any submittals with BSRs/CSRs sealed prior to that date will follow the previously effective guidance associated with the August 12, 2016, MOA up until April 4, 2022. All project submittals made following April 4, 2022 (regardless of when the BSR/CSR was sealed) must be reviewed in accordance with the CCP.​

    Frequently Asked Questions​ about the new State Floodplain Compliance(SFC). 

  • Stay in the Flow

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  • Project Delivery Comments or Innovation ideas?

  • Questions for Hydraulics?

  • Lunch & Learn: Revised NCDOT/NCEM MOA ​

    ​A recording of the November 16th Lunch & Learn on the Revised NCDOT/NCEM MOA ​can be downloaded from the following link: Recording

    A copy of the presentation can be downloaded from the following link: Presentation

  • New CADD details for Stormwater BMPs

    NCDOT Hydraulics Unit is pleased to announce the release of new CADD details for Stormwater BMPs.  Details include items for dry detention, filtration, bioretention basins and more.  Please update your NCDOT CADD Workspace for Hydraulics_STDS to access these details.
  • FEMA Flood Insurance Study Data (models, etc.) Requests

    ​Please use the Flood Insurance Study Data Request Form​ for requesting hydraulic models or other needed FIS data not available on the NC Floodplain Mapping Program's Flood Risk Information System website (FRIS)​.  This will help us to deliver the requested data more quickly and efficiently.​

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