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Post Construction Stormwater Program (PCSP)

​NCDOT is required by its National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit to implement a Post-Construction Stormwater Program (PCSP).  The primary objective of the PCSP is to manage stormwater runoff from NCDOT projects by requiring structural and non-structural best management practices to protect the water quality of NC's lakes, streams, rivers, and estuaries.  The requirements described in the PCSP apply to NCDOT projects which increase built-upon area.  As required by the PCSP, NCDOT implements structural best management practices (BMP) described in the BMP Toolbox and/or non-structural pollution minimization measures described both in the PCSP and the BMP Toolbox.  For most projects, documentation that the PCSP requirements were followed is provided through the preparation of a Stormwater Management Plan. 

PCSP Poster.pdf
PCSP Quick Reference Guide - April 2018.pdf
(Project or TIP No)_HYD_SMPv3.01_(YYYYMMDD)(Dec_2021).xlsm
Stormwater Management Plan Template
Maximizing Shoulder Section.pdf
Providing Adequate Energy Dissipation.pdf
Utilizing Natural Features and Drainage Pathways.pdf
Maximizing Vegetative Conveyance.pdf
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