• Mission Statement

    ​The Vegetation Management Section is responsible for developing programs for the establishment and maintenance of all roadside vegetation. This includes turfgrasses and other groundcovers for erosion control, ornamental plantings, and existing vegetation along highway right-of-way. This section coordinates statewide training for Roadside Environmental employees.

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Vegetation Establishment Equipment.pdfVegetation Establishment Equipment
Fertilizer Application Equipment.pdfFertilizer Application Equipment
Tree Spade.pdfTree Spade
Litter Machine.pdfLitter Machine
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Weed Management.pdfWeed Management
Wildflower Weed Control.pdfWildflower Weed Control
Woody Vegetation Management.pdfWoody Vegetation Management
Noxious and Aquatic.pdfNoxious and Aquatic
Turf Management.pdfTurf Management
Threatened and Endangered Plant Species.pdfThreatened and Endangered Plant Species
Site Locations - Rare Species.pdfSite Locations - Rare Species
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Storage and Handling.pdfStorage and Handling
Fertilizer and Lime.pdfFertilizer and Lime
Organic Fertilizers.pdfOrganic Fertilizers
Plant Nutrient Deficiencies.pdfPlant Nutrient Deficiencies
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Turfgrass Descriptions.pdfTurfgrass Descriptions
Wildflower Classifications.pdfWildflower Classifications
Groundcover Descriptions.pdfGroundcover Descriptions
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