• Aesthetic Engineering Overview

    ​The Aesthetic Engineering Section assists in the preservation, enhancement, and mitigation of disturbances to the natural and built environment along North Carolina roadways.  This task includes landscape design, roadside revegetation, historic mitigation, rest area site development, tree preservation, and protection of the State's scenic and natural resources.

  • Aesthetic Roadside Management Program (ARM-P) at NCDOT

    ​An executive summary of ARM-P giving insight to the selective, holistic, programmatic, approach to managing visual quality along North Carolina roads with a focus on "Keeping North Carolina Beautiful today and for future generations."

  • Aesthetics Guidance Manual

    The purpose and intent of the Manual is to promote the importance of and to integrate guidance for the visual enhancements of transportation projects.  The aim is for this to be used as an aesthetics reference tool that is regularly updated to reflect new concepts, examples, and strategies related to aesthetics for use by NCDOT staff, municipalities, public and private organizations and companies, and the citizens of North Carolina.  Any individual, organization, or public/private agency involved in the planning and development of transportation facilities at all levels of decision making is encouraged to use this Manual to more efficiently incorporate aesthetics into NCDOT projects.​

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  • Aesthetics Guidance Pattern Book

    The Aesthetics Guidance Pattern Book is intended to provide graphic examples showing how aesthetics are being incorporated into the transportation design and planning process.​

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  • Guidelines for Planting in Highway Right-of-Way

    In order to protect public investment and to promote safety, utility, economy, and highway aesthetics, the following policy and details provide guidance for handling planting requests and permitting within North Carolina Right-of-Way.​

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