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    Traffic data consists of turning movements (the number of vehicles making left, right, and through movements), volume/speed/class (the number, direction, speed, and classification of vehicles), spot speed (the speed of isolated vehicles or the lead vehicle of randomly selected platoons), delay (the time, in seconds, that vehicles have to wait), gap (time and/or distance between vehicles), saturation flow rate (the number of vehicles, with respect to time, allowed to travel through a signalized location during one signal cycle), travel time (the amount of time required for a vehicle to travel from one location to another), classification (the types/classes of vehicles), pedestrian corridor crossing (pedestrian movements along a specific corridor), and/or compliance (the tabulation of unit actions grouped by compliance/non-compliance with statutes, ordinances, and traffic control devices) data. This data is generally collected by contractors and typically used for traffic signal warrant analyses, traffic safety analyses, forecasting, planning, seasonal peak development, and traffic mobility analyses.​

    Request Traffic Data
    Access to request and/or approve the collection of traffic data through the online system is restricted to NCDOT employees and contractors. If you need access, please contact the program manager at https://apps.ncdot.gov/ContactUS//Home/PostComment?Unit=TrCounts

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