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  • Congestion Management - Pedestrian Optimum and Bicyclist Optimum Feasible Intersection Designs

Nicholas Graf, PE - Use of Project ID Signs
FHWA Directives and Policy Memos1991
Section 2M.04.aspxSection 2M.04
Section 2M.04 General Design Requirements for Recreational and Cultural Interest Area Symbol Guide Signs
Section 1D.08.aspxSection 1D.08
Section 1D.08 Abbreviations Used on Traffic Control Devices
Section 2E.16 Abbreviations.aspxSection 2E.16 Abbreviations
Section 2E.16 Abbreviations
Right-of-Way Disposal Procedures.aspxRight-of-Way Disposal Procedures
Right-of-Way Disposal and Control of Access Review Committee Operating Procedures (rev. 2010) - T.C. Terry, Jr.
Right-of-Way Disposal Checklist.aspxRight-of-Way Disposal Checklist
Right-of-Way Disposal and Control of Access Review Committee Operating Checklist
Right of Way Memo.pdfRight of Way Memo
Right of Way Disposal and Control of Access Committee Operating Procedures - D.M. Barbour, P.E. (Older Version)
A02NCDOT State Design Engineer2000
Right of Way Older Version.pdfRight of Way Older Version
Right of Way Disposal and Control of Access Committee Operating Procedures - D.M. Barbour, P.E. (Older Version)
A02NCDOT State Design Engineer2000
AAH Info Sheet.pdfAAH Info Sheet
T-6 / Tourist Information Center Signing
A03Refer to Topic2005
AAH Sign Design Form.pdfAAH Sign Design Form
AAH Sign Design Form
A03NC DOT2004
REU-18---- Adopt-A-Highway Program.pdfREU-18---- Adopt-A-Highway Program
REU-18    Adopt-A-Highway Program
A03NCDOT Maintenance Operations Manual2004
AAH Design.pdfAAH Design
Adopt-A-Highway Signs
A03NCDOT Signing Section2004
19A NCAC.pdf19A NCAC
19A NCAC 2D.1001-.1008 Adopt-A-Highway Program
A03NC Admin Code1993
Beautification Program.aspxBeautification Program
Adopt-A-Highway Program
A03NCDOT Office of Beautification Programs2020
GS 136-140.1.aspxGS 136-140.1
G.S.  136-140.1  Adopt-A-Highway
A03NC General Statute1995
Adopt A Highway Coordinators Manual.pdfAdopt A Highway Coordinators Manual
Coordinators Manual - 2015
AAH Request Form.pdfAAH Request Form
AAH Request Form
A04NC DOT2002
Memorial Adoptions.pdfMemorial Adoptions
Memorial Adoptions
A04NC DOT2002
Memorial Plantings.pdfMemorial Plantings
Memorial Plantings
A04NC DOT2002
Contact Letter.pdfContact Letter
Contact Letter
A04NC DOT2002
Policy for Erection of Regional Community Award Winner Signs
Policy on Roadside Memorials - J. D. Goins, PE
A04NCDOT Chief Engineer2002
Illegal Signs.aspxIllegal Signs
I-1 / Illegal Signs On NCDOT Right-of-Way
A06Refer to Topic2004
On-Premise Growing Area Requirement
A07NCDA&CS and NCDOT2008
Wording on Signs
A07NCDA&CS and NCDOT2008
Application for Signs (Submit to NCDA & CS)
A07NCDA & CS Agritourism Office2005
Disclaimer: Notice to Applicants and Participants
A07NCDA & CS and NCDOT2005
Directional Signage (Standard Practice)
A07NCDOT Signing Section2007
Typicals, Cost Estimates, Examples
A07NCDOT Signing Section2007
G.S. 106-22.5.aspxG.S. 106-22.5
Agricultural Tourism Signs
A07NC General Statute1999
Program Coordinators
A07NCDOT Signing and Delineation Unit2019
Agricultural Tourism Signing Process 01-04-24.pdfAgricultural Tourism Signing Process 01-04-24
Work Flow Process of how a business acquires an Agricutural Tourism Sign
A07NCDOT Signing and Delineation Unit 2024
Transmittal-Letter-for-Signing Standard Practice.pdfTransmittal-Letter-for-Signing Standard Practice
Transmittal Letter for Signing Standard Practice
A08State Traffic Engineer (J. K. Lacy, PE) /2008
Standard Practice for Airport Signing
A08Traffic Engineering and Safety Systems Branch2008
 Sign Design Standards
A08Traffic Engineering and Safety Systems Branch2008
Aviation Site.aspxAviation Site
North Carolina Division of Aviation Website
A08NCDOT Division of Aviation2008
Section 2H.02.aspxSection 2H.02
Section 2H.02 General Information Signs
Figure 2H-1.aspxFigure 2H-1
Figure 2H-1. General Information Signs
Guidance for All American City Signing
A09NCDOT Signing and Delineaton Unit2019
Signing for Designated Alternative Fuels Corridors.aspxSigning for Designated Alternative Fuels Corridors
TEPPL Topic G01
FHWA Alternative Fuel Corridors Handout.pdfFHWA Alternative Fuel Corridors Handout
FHWA Handout
T-13 Traffic Generators.aspxT-13 Traffic Generators
T-13 / Traffic Generators
A12Refer to Topic2004
L12 Logo Rules.aspxL12 Logo Rules
L-12 / LOGO Rules / sec. 9f(i)
A12Refer to Topic2004
Humane Facilities.aspxHumane Facilities
T-15 / Traffic Generators that Do Not Warrant Guide Signing On the State Highway System - See "Humane Facilities" on list.
A13Refer to Topic2006
T-13 / Traffic Generators - Supplemental Guide Signs for Major Traffic Generators
A14Refer to Topic2004
ArenaT-8 Refer.aspxArenaT-8 Refer
T-8 / TODS Signing Program [Non-Freeway System]
A14Refer to Topic2004
Arena L-12 Logo Refer.aspxArena L-12 Logo Refer
L-12 / LOGO Signing Program (Attraction Service) Fully Controlled Access Highways
A14Refer to Topic2004
Tourist Oriented Signs.aspxTourist Oriented Signs
T-8 / TODS Signing Program [Non-Freeway System]
A16Refer to Topic2004
Logo Prgm.aspxLogo Prgm
L-12 / LOGO Signing Program (Attraction Service) [Fully Controlled Access Highways]
A16Refer to Topic2004
Traffic Generators.aspxTraffic Generators
T-13 / Traffic Generators - Supplemental Guide Signs for Major Traffic Generators
A16Refer to Topic2004
Peoples,P.E. / Varnedoe,P.E.
A18NCDOT State Traffic Eng/Chief Eng2003
Autistic Child Area Signing
A18Traffic Engineering and Safety Systems Branch2003
Autistic Child Sign
A18NCDOT Signing Section2003
Turn Lane Treatment - Warrants
A19NCDOT Policy on Street and Driveway Access2003
Gary C. Faulkner
A19NCDOT Congestion Management Section2003
Policy on Access Manual.pdfPolicy on Access Manual
Street and Driveway Access Manual
A19NCDOT Policy on Street and Driveway Access2003
A21 - Policy Manual.aspxA21 - Policy Manual
Policy on Street & Driveway Access
A21Traffic Engineering and Safety Systems Branch2004
A21 - Access Management.aspxA21 - Access Management
Access Management / (Access Control)
A21FHWA Office of Operations2004
A21 - AMG.aspxA21 - AMG
See : Access Management Group
A21Traffic Engineering and Safety Systems Branch2004
A21 - Report.pdfA21 - Report
NCDOT Access Management Policy
A21NCDOT Board of Transportation2003
MN-36 Driveways in Highway R.O.W.
A21NCDOT Maintenance Operations Manual2004
Access Management.aspxAccess Management
T-62 / Traffic Impact Study Guidelines / Evaluation
A21Refer to Topic2004
A21 - Fact Sheet.pdfA21 - Fact Sheet
Median Fact Sheet
A21Division of Highways
19A NCAC 02B.0601- .0604 Driveways in R.O.W.
A21NC Admin. Code2016
How's My Waterway.aspxHow's My Waterway
A22US Environmental Protection Agency2020
Adopt A Stream - Raleigh.aspxAdopt A Stream - Raleigh
Storm Water Management Adopt-A-Stream Program
A22City of Raleigh2020
Stream Watch.aspxStream Watch
Stream Watch - NCEQ
A22NC Environmental Quality2020
D17 Driveway.aspxD17 Driveway
D-17 / Driveway / Access in Highway Right-of-Way
A23Refer to Topic2004
Superstreet Brochure.aspxSuperstreet Brochure
Superstreet Brochure
Superstreet Presentation Template with Notes
Synchronized Streets Brochure
A24I-40 Regional Partnership2015
A25 - DC.pdfA25 - DC
Double Crossover Diamond Interchange
A25 - DE.pdfA25 - DE
Driver's Evaluation of the Diverging Diamond Interchange
A25 - Memo FS.pdfA25 - Memo FS
Transmittal Memo for DDI Fact Sheet
A25 - FS.pdfA25 - FS
Diverging Diamond Fact Sheet
A25 - TM.pdfA25 - TM
A New Turn Ahead on US Highways
A25Time Magazine2011
A25 - GP.zipA25 - GP
DDI Presentation Template with Notes
A25 - DDI Video 1.aspxA25 - DDI Video 1
Video - DDI Visualization (2:52)
A25Communications Office2013
A25 - DDI Article 1.pdfA25 - DDI Article 1
NC DDI Article
A25American Society of Highway Engineers2014
Art on the Right of Way Policy.aspxArt on the Right of Way Policy
North Carolina Public Art on the Right of Way Policy
A26NCDOT Board of Transportation2019
C54 Decorative Crosswalks.aspxC54 Decorative Crosswalks
C54 Decorative Crosswalks
A26Refer to Topic2019
Roadside Barriers.pdfRoadside Barriers
Chapter 6 p. 176
B01NCDOT Roadway Design Manual2023
NCDOT Traffic Engineering.pdfNCDOT Traffic Engineering
B02NCDOT Traffic Engineering and Safety Systems Branch1985
Rec Signs.aspxRec Signs
Chapter 2M Recreational and Cultural Interest Area Signs
Aesthetic Engineering.aspxAesthetic Engineering
Aesthetic Engineering
B03NCDOT Roadside Environmental Unit2020
Litter Book.aspxLitter Book
Litter Activity Book
B03NCDOT Roadside Environmental Unit2020
Warning Letter.pdfWarning Letter
Col. Richard W. Holden (Warning Letter)
B03NC State Highway Patrol2004
Operation - Beautification.pdfOperation - Beautification
C.A. Gardner, Jr., PE Operation - Beautification
B03NCDOT Divisions Highway Operations1994
Beautification Logo Signs.pdfBeautification Logo Signs
J. D. (Don) Goins , PE  (Beautification Logo Signs)
B03NC Chief Engineer1994
GS 14-399 Littering.aspxGS 14-399 Littering
G.S. 14-399 (Littering)
B03NC General Statute2001
Alternate Sign Approval.pdfAlternate Sign Approval
N.C. Crowe, Jr., P.E. (Alternate Sign Approval)
B06NCDOT State Traffic Engineer's Office1989
Alternate Sign.pdfAlternate Sign
N.L. Graf, P.E. Alternate Sign
B06FHWA Directives & Policy Memos1990
Bicycle and Pedestrian Laws & Policies
B06NCDOT Division of Bicycle & Pedestrian Safety2020
Traffic Control for Bicycle Facilities.aspxTraffic Control for Bicycle Facilities
Part 9 - Traffic Control for Bicycle Facilities
Bicyclist Hazard.pdfBicyclist Hazard
J. MacKay, PE (Bicycle Hazard Signing)
B06NCDOT Division of Bicycle & Pedestrian Safety1991
Warning Plaques.pdfWarning Plaques
Warning Plaques / Bicycle Hazard Signs
B06NCDOT Signing Section2004
National Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Data.aspxNational Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Data
Bicycle Safety & Access
B06Ped Bike Data2020
G.S. 136-(71.6-71.13) Bicycle Act of 1974
B06NC General Statute1977
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