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Abbreviations, Symbols, etc. - FHWA MUTCDA01
Access Control - Right-of-Way Disposal - Access for Freeways and Interstate FacilitiesA02
Adopt - A - HighwayA03
Adopt - A - Highway - Memorials AdoptionsA04
Advance Route Turn Assembly - Conventional RoadsA05
Advertising Signs Within or Near - Right-of-WayA06
Agricultural Tourism SigningA07
Airport SigningA08
All America City SignsA09
Alternative Fuel Service SigningA11
Amusement Park SigningA12
Animal Shelter SigningA13
Arena / Coliseum - SigningA14
Arrows for Interchange Guide SigningA15
Auditorium SigningA16
Autistic Child Area SignsA18
Auxiliary Lane - Turn lanesA19
Attractions SigningA20
Access ManagementA21
Adopt-A-Stream / Stream Watch ProgramsA22
Access - Driveway Access In Highway Right-Of-WayA23
Alternative Intersections and Interchanges - Superstreet IntersectionA24
Alternative Intersections and Interchanges - Diverging Diamond Interchange (DDI)A25
Barrier - Guidelines for Placement of Median Barrier / GuardrailB01
Beach Access - Regional PublicB02
Beautification Logo Signs / Keep NC Clean & Green SigningB03
Bicycle Facilities / SigningB04
Bicycle Routes - Urban / Alternate SigningB05
Bicycle Trail & Pedestrian Construction, Signing, etc.B06
Bicyclist Hazard, Hazardous Tracks SigningB07
Bicycle Acts, Laws, etc.B08
Bird Sanctuary SigningB09
Blind Child Area SigningB10
Blinding - Deceptive Or Distracting Lights UnlawfulB11
Blood Centers / American Red Cross SigningB12
Blue Star Memorial Highway SigningB13
Blue Star Memorial Highway - American Ex-Prisoners of War SigningB14
Breakaway Highway Sign SupportsB15
Bridge - Bridge Ices Before Road SigningB16
Bridge - End Delineators PlacementB17
Bridge - Load Limit SigningB18
Bridge - No Fishing from SigningB19
Bridge - No Jumping And / Or Diving From Bridge SigningB20
Bridge - Signing And Pavement Markings One Lane And Narrow BridgesB21
Bridge - Tunnels & Bridges - Special Clearance SigningB22
Bridge - Weight Limit SigningB23
Bus Station / Amtrak Station SigningB24
Business District SigningB25
Business Watch SigningB26
Banners - Department's Decisions on When Allowed and Removal of Illegal Banners / SignsB27
Buford Smith AwardB28
Unmuffled Engine Compression Brakes SigningB29
Bus Stop Encroachment GuidelinesB30
Camping - SigningC01
Cattle Crossing SigningC02
Chambers Of Commerce SigningC03
Changeable Message PolicyC04
Children At Play SigningC05
Children's Homes and Orphanage SigningC06
Cities / Towns - Incorporated - Signs For Specific Sections Or AreasC07
Citizens - A County Of Involved Citizens - Volunteer SigningC08
Clear Zone - Guidelines For Tree, Shrub Planting On Right-of-WayC09
Clear Zone - RoadwayC10
Closing Of Roads For Special Events (Temporary)C11
Closing of NCDOT Routes for Impassible Road Conditions / Intermittent FloodingC12
College SigningC13
Collision / Accident System Strip And Intersection Report Code IndexC14
Collision / Fatal Slips And Crash Report CodesC15
Communities (Unincorporated) - Directional SignsC16
Community Award Winners (Regional)C18
Community Watch SigningC19
Community Watch Signs - AlternateC20
Community Well / Water Supply Area SigningC21
Composition Of Signs (No Misleading Business Signs)C22
Concealed Weapons PolicyC23
City Limit SignsC24
Construction & Maintenance Activities Within MunicipalitiesC25
Control Cities For Use In Guide Signs On Interstate HighwaysC26
Convention Halls - SigningC27
Clearance - Low Clearance SigningC28
County Line SigningC29
County Of Involved Citizens SigningC30
County Street / Road Name SigningC31
County Road Paddle SigningC32
Crash - Intersection and Strip Reports Code IndexC33
Crash - Report Form DMV-349C34
Crossroad Identification SignsC35
Crosswalks / Mid-Block Signing & Pavement MarkingsC36
Congestion Management ReviewC37
Cultural & Recreational Interest SigningC38
Correspondence Guidelines - Secretary of TransportationC39
Culvert End walls - Object Markers PlacementC40
Correctional Institutions - SigningC41
Children - Deaf Child Area SignsC42
Children - Blind Child Area SignsC43
Children - Autistic Child Area SignsC44
Community - Multi-Use SignsC46
Crash - Standardized Crash CostC47
Crash - Statewide Crash RatesC48
Crash - Statewide Crash ProfilesC49
Crash - Road Departure SafetyC50
Communications Routing Plans - DesignC51
Civil War Trail Sign GuidanceC52
Curb RampsC53
Decorative CrosswalksC54
Dead End / No Outlet SigningD01
Deaf Child Area SigningD02
Dedication / Memorial SigningD03
Deer Warning System / SigningD04
Definitions: Words and Phrases (MUTCD)D05
Dense Smoke SigningD06
Design Exceptions And Pavement SlopeD07
Disabilities, Americans With (ADA) ActD12
Division Design Construct Project ProceduresD13
Downgrade - Long Steep Downgrade SigningD14
Downtown / Business District SigningD15
Driver's License - Types / Graduated Commercial, etcD16
Driveway Access In Highway Right-of-Way - GeneralD17
Drug / Gun-Free School Zone SigningD18
Drug Awareness - Controlled Substances Abuse & Alcohol Misuse PolicyD19
DMV - Department of Motor Vehicles - SigningD20
Dynamic Message Signs (DMS)D21
Distracted DrivingD22
E-Mail / Internet PolicyE01
Eastern Continental DivideE03
Eisenhower Interstate System SigningE04
Elementary School Signing (K - 5th Grade)E05
Emergency Management Signing (Hurricane Route, Evacuation Route)E06
Emergency Vehicle Initiated PreemptionE07
Emergency Vehicles Only SigningE08
Ethics PolicyE09
Exit Numbering / Signing Policy - North CarolinaE10
Emergency Vehicles Stopped - Move Over or Reduce Speed SigningE11
Electrical Programming Details - DesignE12
Escort VehiclesE13
Experience Rate Modifier (ERM)E14
Fairgrounds - SigningF01
Farmers Market SigningF02
Fatal Accident Investigation GuidelinesF03
Ferry Operations / SigningF04
Firearms On Highway Right-of-Way / JobF05
Fire Department Water Point Location SigningF06
Fire District SigningF07
Fire Hydrant - Blue Reflective Pavement MarkersF08
Fire Station - Warning SignsF09
Fire Station / Rescue - Driveway Entrance GuidelinesF10
Fishing from Bridges - Prohibition SigningF11
Fog - Signing / TreatmentF12
Foreign Trade Zones And World Trade Center SigningF13
Four-Lane Divided / Five-Lane Research ProjectF15
Freeway Interchange Exit Number Signing At Spur And Loop ConnectionsF17
Funding - Access and Public Service RoadsF18
Funding - Contingency ProjectsF19
Funding - Planned Projects Affecting Municipalities and/or CountiesF20
Funding - Small Urban ProjectsF21
Funding - Spot Safety ProjectsF22
Funding - Highway, Trust Bond and Federal FundsF23
Free Flow Right Turn LaneF24
Funding - State Wide DiscretionaryF25
Funding - High Hazard EliminationF26
Funding - TIP Funding Information / SchedulesF27
Farm Equipment AuthorizationF28
General Services SignsG01
Guardrail End TreatmentG03
Global Transpark / Business ParkG04
Golf Cart Model OrdinanceG05
Gateway SigningG06
Greenfield FacilityG07
Handicapped Parking SigningH01
Historic - Architecture Review for Secondary RoadsH02
Hazardous Cargo SigningH03
Headlights - Motorcycles / Windshield WipersH04
High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) LanesH05
High Schools Signing (9th - 12th Grade)H06
Highway - Advisory Radio SigningH07
Highway - Obstructions - Headwalls, Mailboxes, EtcH08
Highway - Patrol Aircraft PolicyH09
Highway - Traffic OrdinancesH11
Highway - United States Numbering Policy - Special Routes - Definitions, etcH12
Historic Landmark / Site SigningH13
Historic District / Area SigningH14
Historic - Marker Program Authorizing LegislationH15
Highway Facility Types - DefinitionsH16
Historic - Markers In Right-of-Way / Procedure for Correction and Relocation of ">Historical MarkersH17
Historic - National Register of Historic Places - Fact SheetsH18
Historic - Preservation And Historic Properties - Definition / DataH19
Historic - Preservation CommissionH20
Historic - NC & National Historic Landmark ProgramH21
Historic - NC State Historic Sites & Attractions ListingsH22
Horse Drawn VehicleH24
Hospital / Trauma Center SigningH25
Horse and Rider SigningH26
Highway - Railroad-Crossing GuidelinesH27
Historic - Historic Trail Signing (State / National)H31
Hydroplaning / Hydrodynamic DragH32
Hydroplaning Awareness, Pavement Drainage & Design ExceptionsH33
Hyphen Usage (Winston - Salem)H35
Hospital - Urgent Care SigningH36
Historic Markers ProgramH38
Historic SigningH39
Illegal Signs On NCDOT Right-of-WayI01
Industrial Parks SigningI02
Intersection and Strip Reports Code IndexI03
Incident Management Assistance/Patrol/SigningI04
Interstate & Defense - United States Highway Marking & Numbering System / PolicyI05
Interstate And Defense Route CriteriaI06
Investigative Index - Formula/ Explanation (Railroad Grade Crossing Signal Program)I07
ISTEA - Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency ActI08
IVHS - Intelligent Vehicle Highway SystemI09
ITS - Intelligent Transportation SystemsI10
Internet & E-Mail PolicyI11
Keep Right - Slower Traffic SigningK01
Korean War / 50th Anniversary SigningK02
Left-Over Only Cross - Over DesignL03
Legislative Authority to Require Improvements by OthersL05
Levels Of Service - Desirable / PolicyL06
License Plate Agency SigningL07
Lighting Of Rigidly Mounted Overhead Signs - GuidelinesL08
Lighting Policy - StreetsL09
Litter Prohibition / NC Mean About Clean SigningL10
Load Limits For Bridges; Penalty For ViolationsL11
Logo - Specific Service Signing ProgramL12
Low / Soft Shoulders SignsL13
Low Vehicles May Drag - Railroad Grade Crossing SigningL14
Low Water Stream Crossing SigningL15
Learning CenterL16
Limited Service Contracts (LSC)L17
Mailbox Installation GuidelinesM01
Maintenance / Construction Within Municipalities - By NCDOTM02
Major Traffic Generators SigningM03
Mason / Freemason SigningM04
Median Crossover - Official Use Only SigningM06
Median Crossover - Positive Off-Set Left Turn LanesM07
Median Crossover - Right-of-Way Involving ClosuresM08
Median Crossover - Safety Signing & Pavement ">Markings, ETCM09
Median Crossover - Spacing GuidelinesM10
Median Widths On Divided HighwaysM11
Metal Poles - Selection At Signalized IntersectionsM12
Median Crossover - Left-over Only Crossover - Typical / DesignM14
Mid-Block Fire Station PreemptionM15
Middle School Signing (6th - 8th Grade)M16
Mile Posting - Reference Location SignsM17
Mile Posting - Exit Number ProceduresM18
Mile Posting - For Non-FreewaysM19
Mile Posting - Interchange Numbering For Mainline And Circumferential RoutesM20
Military BasesM21
Minimum Speed Limit SigningM22
Misleading Signs ProhibitedM23
Misuse Of State EquipmentM24
Monuments - SigningM25
Motorist Assistance Patrol SignsM26
Motorist Call BoxesM27
Motorists Must Burn Headlights When Using Windshield WipersM28
Mowing Operations - Traffic ControlM29
Mowing Operations / Median Guardrail - Traffic ControlM30
Municipal Signing - Specific Sections Or Areas of Incorporated Cities or TownsM31
Municipal Zoning And Planning Limit SigningM32
Municipality Signing - SpecialM34
Museum - SigningM35
Museum - AAM Accredited Museums List - USA List, World Wide List, and North Carolina - International Council of Museums ListM36
Multi-Use Community SigningM37
Move Over or Slow Down - for Stopped Emergency Vehicles SigningM38
Memorial Adoptions for Planting on R.O.W.M39
Motor Sports Facilities SigningM40
Median Barriers - Effect of Continuous Median Barriers on Highway SpeedsM41
Honorary Naming - Roads, Bridges, and Ferries (A)N01
Regular Naming / Numbering - County RoadsN02
Honorary Naming - Roads, Bridges, and Ferries (B)N03
Numbering Routes - Interstate, US, NC, and Secondary RoadsN04
Narrow Road / Bridge / One Lane Bridge SigningN05
NC License Plate Agency Sign PolicyN07
NC Route Designation Guidelines / HistoryN08
No Fishing From Bridge SigningN09
No Jumping Or Diving From Bridge SigningN10
No Outlet / Dead End SigningN11
No Passing And Passing Zones - Method Of DeterminingN12
NC Highway Safety Improvement ProgramN13
Object Markers to Protect Guardrail EndO01
Office Complexes SigningO02
Official Use Only - Median Crossover SigningO03
One ( 1 ) - 800 - By -Train Policy / SigningO04
One - Way Standard Drawings At Median CrossoversO05
Other Than Official Signs ProhibitedO06
Outdoor Advertising On Interstate And Federal-Aid HighwaysO07
Outdoor Dramas - SigningO08
Overhead Signs - FoundationsO09
Overhead Signs - Number Of Signs, Legends, Arrows, EtcO10
Overpass / Underpass SigningO12
Parks - State Park SigningP01
Pedestrians - Reasonable Access Requests from Pedestrians with Qualifying Disabilities under the Americans with Disabilities ActP02
Parking - No Parking - State/Municipal System StreetsP03
Parking - No Parking, No Standing, etc on Controlled Access HighwaysP04
Parking - Relocation Of Vehicles On FreewaysP05
Passing - Methods of Determining No Passing and Passing ZonesP06
Passing Zones - School Buses, Emergency VehiclesP08
Paved Shoulders - Sensory Warning Treatment - Rumble StripsP09
Pedestrian - Mid-Block Crosswalks Signing and Paving MarkingsP10
Pedestrian - Policy GuidelinesP11
Photo Enforcement Signing / GuidelinesP12
Piedmont Triad SignsP13
Planning / Zoning Limit SigningP14
Pole Offset GuidelinesP15
Powell Bill Funds-Expenditure GuidelinesP17
Private Vehicles For State BusinessP18
Project Boundary ID Signs / Begin & End SignsP21
Public Power Community SigningP22
Public Records - Access To DOT RecordsP23
Public Records - Open Government - AG's OfficeP24
Public Vehicle Areas (PVA) SigningP25
Pull - Off Area -Marking and SigningP26
Punctuation Usage - SigningP27
Purple Heart Overview / SigningP28
PE -Sealing Work Prepared by a Licensed PEP29
Post Office SigningP30
Pavement Markings, Markers & Roadside Delineation - Placement GuidelinesP31
Pavement - "Stamped" Pavement Patterns / Cobblestone / Pavement Treatment - MarkingsP33
Pavement Markings - Colored Pavements used as Traffic Control DevicesP34
Pavement Markings - Dual U-Turn Pavement MarkingsP35
Pavement Marking Life Cycle Cost AnalysisP36
North Carolina Pedestrian Crossing GuidanceP37
Quick Clearance - Fender Bender SigningQ01
Quadrant LeftQ02
Railroad - Public Recreational Use Leasing - NCDOT Railroad Right-Of-Way for Trails etcR01
Radios / Highway Advisory (HA">R) SigningR02
Railroad - Highway At Grade Crossing - DefinitionsR03
Railroad Crossing - Cross-Bucks / Number of Tracks SigningR04
Railroad Crossing - Signs, Signals And GatesR05
Railroad Crossing - Grade Separation GuidelinesR06
Railroad Crossing - Investigative IndexR07
Railroad - Amtrak SigningR08
Railroad Crossing - Stop Or Yield Sign Installation At R/R CrossingsR09
Railroad Name Signs on OverpassesR10
Ramp Signing For TrucksR11
Railroad Crossing - Guidelines for Median Separation at Highway/Railway At-Grade CrossingR12
Recreation & Cultural Interest Area SigningR13
Recycling Center - SigningR14
Red Light Photo Enforcement - Interfacing EquipmentR15
Reduced Speed Ahead SigningR16
Reflective Pavement Markers PolicyR17
Regional Centers (Global TransPark) SigningR18
Regulatory Red Series Signs, High Intensity SheetingR19
Removal of Vehicles from a Public HighwayR20
Research Park SigningR21
Rest areas - GuidelinesR22
Rest Area - Typical Signing / ControlR23
Review & Approval Process For Municipal And/ Or Private DevelopmentsR24
Right-of-Way - Utility Pole/Fixed Object Placement GuidelinesR25
Right-of-Way - Disposal and Control of Access Committee Operating ProceduresR26
Right-of-Way - No Deer Hunting on Highway R.O.W. SigningR27
Right-of-Way - No Fishing from Highway R.O.W.R29
Right-of-Way - No Hunting on Highway R.O.W.R30
Right-of-Way - Selling and Soliciting from R.O.W.R31
Right-of-Way - Interstate - Unofficial Signs (Billboards) - On an Interstate Highway by a StateR32
River Basin SigningR33
River Or Stream SigningR34
Road Name Signing - for Secondary RoadsR35
Road Naming Signing - For Streets (Municipalities, Property Owners, Developers)R36
Roadside Memorial (Crosses, Wreaths, Etc) GuidelinesR37
Rumble Strip Design / GuidelinesR39
Runaway Truck Ramp SigningR40
Rural Sanitary Landfills - Typical SigningR41
Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon (RRFB)R42
Railroad Crossing - Passive Highway-Rail Grade Crossing SigningR43
Standard Practice - Rumble Strips/BicyclesR44
Thermoplastic Rumble StripsR45
Records Retention and DispositionR46
S Dimensions And Slopes For SignsS01
Sanitary District SigningS02
Sanitary Landfill SigningS03
Scenic Byways SigningS04
Schools - Elementary (K-5th Grade), Middle (6th-8th Grade), and High (9th-12th Grade)S05
School - Colleges / Universities SigningS06
School Bus Entering SignsS07
School Bus - Safety (Warning) SigningS08
School Bus - Stop Ahead SigningS09
School Bus - Stopped - No Passing Laws / RulesS10
School Zone - Flashers (State Municipal System)S11
Standard Layout for Signing & Marking School AreasS12
School Bus - Safety HandbookS13
School Zone - Speed Limit for Public, Private, or Parochial SchoolsS14
Secondary Roads - Numbering ProceduresS15
Specific Services SigningS16
Shopping Center SigningS17
Sidewalk PolicyS18
Special Events - Closing of RoadsS19
Secondary Roads and Subdivision Streets-PoliciesS20
School - Municipal & School Transportation Assistance (MSTA)S21
Signs - Composition (No Misleading Signs)S22
Signs - Damaging or Removing Signs: RewardsS23
Sign Support Offset for Overhead Structures on FreewaysS24
Slow Moving Vehicle Pull-Out Lane SigningS27
Slower Traffic Keep Right SigningS28
Smartlink SigningS29
Soil And Water Conservation District SigningS30
Special Event Signing (Temporary)S31
Special Signs In MunicipalitiesS32
Speed Bumps - Traffic CalmingS33
Speed Limit - 25 Mph In Subdivisions And Short Dead End RoadsS34
Speed Limit - 35 Unless Otherwise PostedS35
Speed Limit - 70 Mph ProceduresS36
Speed Limit - Advisory Ramp / Loop SpeedsS37
Speed Limit - Advisory Safe Speed PlaquesS38
Speed Limit - Curb And Gutter Facilities (Reasonable Speeds)S39
Speed Limit - Design / Posted / Reduction GuidelinesS40
Speed Limit - Inside MunicipalitiesS41
Speed Limit - Location of Reduced Speed Limit SigningS42
Speed Limit - Posting for 60Mph, 65Mph,& 70Mph Speed Limits FHWA GuidelinesS43
Speed Limit - State Line Supplemental Speed Limit PlaquesS44
Speed Limit - Restrictions-G">S 20-141S45
Speed Limit - School (Public, Private-Year Round)S46
Speed Limit - Minimum Speed Limit SigningS47
Speeding - Work Zone Penalty [$250]S49
Splice Detail For U-Channel PostS51
STAA Dimensioned Vehicles - Access Routes RulesS52
Stadium SigningS53
Standard Size & Style of Letters For Highway SignsS54
State Line - Standard Signing At State LineS56
Stop Sign / Yield Sign - Control SigningS58
Street Access & Driveway Access To NCDOT HighwaysS59
Street Name Signs - Municipal / RuralS60
Street Name Signs - OverheadS61
Subdivision Name MarkerS62
Subdivision Speed LimitsS63
Supplemental Guide Signs - Freeways & ExpresswaysS64
Symbols - for SigningS66
Senior Center SigningS67
Sign Sheeting - High Intensity (Type III)S68
Sign Sheeting - Regulatory RedS69
Speed Limit - Subdivision Wide SigningS70
Speed Limit - Photo Enforced Signing / LawsS71
Schools - Public Schools: Roads, Driveways and School Parking LotsS72
Streams - Crossings, Relocation, and Anadromous Fish GuidelinesS73
Slippery When Wet SigningS74
Signs - In-street Pedestrian Crossing SignsS75
Signs - Guidelines for Wayfinding Signs along State Maintained RoadwaysS76
Special EventsS77
Signs - Border and Corner Radius DimensionsS78
Signs - Future Interstate Route SigningS79
Spot Safety ProgramS80
Spot Mobility ProgramS81
Study of State Parks and Trail SignageS82
Signs - Marine Highway SigningS83
Signs - National Championship SigningS84
Tapers - Length Criteria, Formulas, etc.T01
Telephone - Public Telephone SigningT02
Traveler Information Management System (TIMS)T03
Temporary Signs For Special EventsT04
Telephone "Meet Me" Conference CallsT05
Tourist Information Center SigningT06
Tourist Information Centers - Sales Prohibited on Interstate R.O.W.T07
Tourist Oriented Directional Signs - TODST08
Tourist / Visitor - Radio InformationT09
Traffic Signal - Countdown Pedestrian Signal HeadsT10
Traffic CalmingT11
Traffic Engineering Type Improvement Requests - Handling ProceduresT12
Traffic Generators - Supplemental Guide Signs for Major Traffic GeneratorsT13
Traffic Generators - Supplemental Guide Signs for Moderate Traffic GeneratorsT14
Traffic Generators that Do Not Warrant Guide Signing On the State Highway SystemT15
Traffic Signal - Audible / Accessible Pedestrian SignalsT16
Traffic Signal - Alternatives / Signalized vs Unsignalized IntersectionsT17
Traffic Signal - Emergency Vehicle AccessT18
Traffic Signal - Controllers - Type 2070L Technology ConversionT19
Traffic Signal - Vehicle Initiated PreemptionT20
Traffic Signal - File Information, Request for CopiesT21
Traffic Signal - Beacons / FlashersT22
Traffic Signal - Moveable BridgesT23
Traffic Signal - TimingT24
Traffic Signal - Preemption and Priority ControlT25
Traffic Signal - Emergency Vehicle / Railroad Pre-emptionT26
Traffic Signal - Installation / RemovalT27
Traffic Signal - Review And Approval Process For Private DevelopmentsT28
Traffic Signal - Right Turn On Red SigningT29
Traffic Signal - Signalization Guidelines For Driveways at ">Tee IntersectionsT30
Traffic Signal - Part Time OperationT31
Traffic Signal - Standard Practices For The Selection Of Metal Poles At Signalized IntersectionsT32
Traffic Signal - Utility Conflicts At Signalized LocationsT33
Traffic Signal - Warrants / DefinitionsT34
Train Station / Bus Station SigningT35
Truck - Entering Highway - Logging - SigningT36
Truck - Establishing Truck Routes / Guidelines - North CarolinaT37
Truck - Hill And / Or Escape RampsT38
Truck - Lane RestrictionsT39
Truck - No Trucks 3 - Axles Or More SigningT40
Truck - No Trucks - Within A Municipality SigningT41
Truck - Over Height Vehicle Detection SystemsT42
Truck - Over Size / Over Weight - Permit ProcessT43
Traffic Signal - Dark / Dead SignalsT44
Truck - Ramp SigningT45
Truck - Restricted To US And NC Numbered RoutesT46
Truck - Rules For Reasonable AccessT48
Truck - Runaway Truck RampsT49
Truck - Trailers May Drag SigningT50
Truck - Turnout Lane SigningT51
Truck - Twin Trailer Route Designation Guidelines and Rules For Access Routes for STAA Dimensioned VehiclesT52
Traffic Control - Moving Operation Caravan - SprayingT53
Traffic Control - Mowing OperationsT54
Traffic Control - Moving Operation Caravan - Placing Marking or MarkersT55
Traffic Control - Pavement Management OperationsT56
Traffic Signal - Red Light Photo Enforcement - Interfacing EquipmentT57
Traffic Signals - Strobe LightT58
Traffic Signal - Flashing OperationT59
Traffic Signal - TIP Field Review Process (After Let Date)T60
Trees - Unlawful to Cut on Highway ROWT61
Traffic - Traffic Impact Study Guidelines / EvaluationT62
Traffic Signal - Emergency Vehicle Initiated Pre-emption GuidelinesT63
Traffic Signal - Pole Offset (Clear Zone)T64
Traffic Control - Mowing Operations / Median GuardrailT65
Traffic Signal Plans - DesignT66
Traffic Signals - Compliance with Traffic Signal and Electrical/Programming Detail PlansT67
Traffic Signals -Provisions for Generator-powered Traffic SignalsT68
Traffic Signals and OrdinancesT69
Traffic Data CollectionT70
Traffic Signals – Flashing Yellow ArrowsT71
Traffic Signals - System TimingT72
Unincorporated Communities (Directional Signs)U01
United States Highway Numbering PolicyU02
United States Interstate & Defense Highway Marking SystemU03
University SigningU04
Unlawful To Cut Plants or Trees on Highway Right-Of-WayU05
Unlawful To Damage, Remove, Climb, Cross Or Breach Any Fence Erected Within Right-of-WayU06
Unlawful To Pass Stopped School BusU07
UPTOWN SigningU08
Utility Conflicts At Signalized IntersectionsU09
Van Accessible SignsV01
Variable Message Board SignsV02
Vehicle - Removal From Highway Right-of-WayV03
Vehicle - Removal From Private lots of Unauthorized ">VehiclesV04
Visitor / Tourist Information SigningV05
Video LogV06
W-Projects - Hazard Elimination Funds / FHWA Benefit Cost Analysis - Highway Safety Improvement For HES ProjectsW01
W-Projects - High Accident Location-Safety Project Reports / NCDOT Benefit Cost Analysis - Evaluation GuidelinesW02
Warning Panels & Warning Flags DelineatorsW03
Warning Signs - Guidelines For Placement of Warning SignsW04
Warning Signs - Fluorescent Yellow Green ColorW05
Warning Signs - Road Closed - Flooding / Impassable, etcW06
Watch For Children Playing SigningW07
Water Point Locations - Fire Department SigningW08
Water Supply / Water Shed Area SigningW09
Weather And Road Condition Radio Information SigningW10
Weight Limit - Signing Weight Restrictions for Highways and StructuresW11
Weight Limit - Of Vehicles & LoadW12
Weight Limit - On Non-System StreetsW13
Weight Limit - Over Weight VehiclesW14
Weight Limit - SigningW15
Weight Stations - SigningW16
Welcome or Entrance Signing (Special)W17
Whitewater Rafting SigningW18
Wildlife Viewing Area SigningW19
Work Order - Authority / Spot Safety ProjectsW20
Work Zone - Guidelines for Speed Reduction Ordinances on Construction ProjectsW21
Wind Speeds, Zones, & Pressures for Metal Pole & Sign DesignsW22
Work Zone - Advance Warning Signs for Location and Surveys UnitW23
Work Zone - Inactive Work Zone GuidelinesW24
Work Zone - Speeding Penalty $250W25
Warning Signs - Free Flow Right Turn SigningW26
Water Recreation SigningW27
Work Zone - Speed Limit ReductionsW28
Welcome to North Carolina SignsW29
Work Zone - Temporary Accomodations for Pedestrians During ConstructionW30
Work Zone Service SignsW31
Workplace Safety, Security, and Sanitation-GeneralW32
Workplace Safety, Security, and Sanitation-IncidentsW33
Workplace Safety, Security, and Sanitation-Labor Laws and PoliciesW34
Work Management SystemW35
Workplace Safety, Security, and Sanitation-Severe WeatherW36
Workplace Safety, Security, and Sanitation - ErgonomicsW37
Workplace Safety, Security, and Sanitation - Fire Safety/EvacuationsW38
Workplace Safety, Security, and Sanitation - Threats and Suspicious Activity/MailW39
Workplace Safety, Security, and Sanitation - AuditsW40
Workplace Safety, Security, and Sanitation – Hazard CommunicationW41
Workplace Safety, Security, and Sanitation – SecurityW42
Yield Sign / Stop Sign Control SigningY01
Zoning and Planning Limit SigningZ01
Zoo SigningZ02
10/4/2018Decorative Crosswalks
11/22/2017Signs - National Championship Signing
9/26/2017Experience Rate Modifier (ERM)
7/12/2017Signs - Marine Highway Signing

3/31/2017Traffic Signals - System Timing
2/16/2017Historic Markers Program

​Added Memorandum

2/7/2017Bus Stop Encroachment Guidelines

New Topic

11/16/2016Unmuffled Engine Compression Brakes Signing

10/18/2016Study of State Parks and Trail Signage
12/11/2014Agricultural Tourism Signing

​Agricultural Tourism facilities can now use the word "Winery" as part of their business name

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