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  • Pavement Markings, Snowplowable & Raised Markers, and Delineation - Placement Guidelines

Pavement Markings, Markers, and Delineation Standards.aspxPavement Markings, Markers, and Delineation Standards
Pavement Markings, Markers, and Delineation Standards
P31NCDOT Roadway Standard Drawings2018
Non-Cast Iron Snowplowable Pavement Marker Memo.pdfNon-Cast Iron Snowplowable Pavement Marker Memo
Statewide use of Non-Cast Iron Snowplowable Markers
Statewide Memo FAQs.pdfStatewide Memo FAQs
Snowplowable Delineation.aspxSnowplowable Delineation
Acceptable Snowplowable Delineation to replace cast-iron snowplowable markers
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