• Curb Ramps

C53 - Standards.aspx
Standards and Specifications
C53Division of Highways
C53 – Memo 110401.pdf
Memo for Standard Drawing Updates
C53R.A. Garris, PE, State Contract Officer2011
C53 – Memo 111020.pdf
Memo for Alternate Design Proposals
C53Kevin Lacy, PE, State Traffic Engineer2011
DOJ-DOT Curb Ramps and Resurfacing.pdf
Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act Requirements to Provide Curb Ramps when Streets, Roads, or Highways are Altered through Resurfacing
C53DOT / DOJ2013
Special Report Accessible Public Rights of Way.pdf
Accessible Public Rights-of-Way Planning and Designing for Alterations Guide
C53United States Access Board2007
Alternate Curb Ramp Designs.pdf
Alternate Curb Ramp Designs
C53NCDOT Contract Standards and Development2012
C53 - Memo 190625.pdf
ADA Curb Ramp Installation Compliance for Highway Projects
C53NCDOT Bicycle, Pedestrian and Public Transportation Division2019
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