• Hospital / Trauma Center Signing

19A 2B.0221(6)  General Service Signing
H25NC Admin Code1995
Trauma Center Signing Approved / Specialty Medical Treatment Center Signing Not Approved
H25Traffic Engineering and Safety Systems Branch2007
J.M. Lynch, PE   (Hospital Signing)
H25NCDOT State Traffic Engineer2000
Hospital / Trauma Center Signs
H25NCDOT Signing Section2004
Trauma Center Designation.aspx
Trauma Center Designation
H25NC EMS2005
Hospital - Licensed Facility List For N.C.aspx
 Hospital - Licensed Facility List For N.C. (Must be  on list to be considered for hospital signing)
H25NC Division of Health Service Regulation2004
G.S. 131E-76(3) Definition of Hospital.pdf
The medical facility location requesting hospital signing must meet this definition including, but not limited to, providing inpatient care. Only facilities meeting the hospital definition and requirements are considered for including name on signs.
H25NC General StatuteCurrent
MUTCD Signs D9-13 and D9-13cP.aspx
24/7 emergency medical care facilities primarily offering outpatient care may be evaluated for general service signing as emergency medical care facilities.  The medical facility name is not permitted on sign.
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