• Truck - Twin Trailer Route Designation Guidelines and Rules For Access Routes for STAA Dimensioned Vehicles

Interpretation of N .C. Gen. Stat . § 20-115.1(b)
CCPS and NCDOT Request for AG Ruling
Formula for Calculating Critical Crash Rates
T52NCDOT Traffic Safety Unit2008
NC Truck Network Map.aspx
NC Truck Network Map (PDF)
G.S. 20-116   Size of Vehicles and Loads.aspx
G.S. 20-116   Size of Vehicles and Loads
T52NC General Statute2003
G.S. 20-115.1   Limitations.aspx
G.S. 20-115.1   Limitations
T52NC General Statute2003
19A NCAC 2E.0426  Access Routes.aspx
19A NCAC 2E.0426  Access Routes
T52NC Admin Code1999
23 CFR 658.aspx
23 CFR 658
T52Federal Highway Administration
Truck Network.aspx
Truck Network and Restrictions
T52Division of Highways
Truck Access.aspx
Truck Access and Route Designation
T52Division of Highways
STAA Guidelines.aspx
STAA Request Processing
T52Division of Highways2020
T52 - NCTNARC.aspx
NC Truck Network Map (ArcGIS)
Interpretation on Access for Trucks with 53-foot Trailers
T52J.K. Lacy, P.E., State Traffic Engineer2017
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