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Railroad - Public Recreational Use Leasing - NCDOT Railroad Right-Of-Way for Trails etcR01
Radios / Highway Advisory (HA">R) SigningR02
Railroad - Highway At Grade Crossing - DefinitionsR03
Railroad Crossing - Cross-Bucks / Number of Tracks SigningR04
Railroad Crossing - Signs, Signals And GatesR05
Railroad Crossing - Grade Separation GuidelinesR06
Railroad Crossing - Investigative IndexR07
Railroad - Amtrak SigningR08
Railroad Crossing - Stop Or Yield Sign Installation At R/R CrossingsR09
Railroad Name Signs on OverpassesR10
Ramp Signing For TrucksR11
Railroad Crossing - Guidelines for Median Separation at Highway/Railway At-Grade CrossingR12
Recreation & Cultural Interest Area SigningR13
Recycling Center - SigningR14
Red Light Photo Enforcement - Interfacing EquipmentR15
Reduced Speed Ahead SigningR16
Reflective Pavement Markers PolicyR17
Regional Centers (Global TransPark) SigningR18
Regulatory Red Series Signs, High Intensity SheetingR19
Removal of Vehicles from a Public HighwayR20
Research Park SigningR21
Rest areas - GuidelinesR22
Rest Area - Typical Signing / ControlR23
Review & Approval Process For Municipal And/ Or Private DevelopmentsR24
Right-of-Way - Utility Pole/Fixed Object Placement GuidelinesR25
Right-of-Way - Disposal and Control of Access Committee Operating ProceduresR26
Right-of-Way - No Deer Hunting on Highway R.O.W. SigningR27
Right-of-Way - No Fishing from Highway R.O.W.R29
Right-of-Way - No Hunting on Highway R.O.W.R30
Right-of-Way - Selling and Soliciting from R.O.W.R31
Right-of-Way - Interstate - Unofficial Signs (Billboards) - On an Interstate Highway by a StateR32
River Basin SigningR33
River Or Stream SigningR34
Road Name Signing - for Secondary RoadsR35
Road Naming Signing - For Streets (Municipalities, Property Owners, Developers)R36
Roadside Memorial (Crosses, Wreaths, Etc) GuidelinesR37
Rumble Strip Design / GuidelinesR39
Runaway Truck Ramp SigningR40
Rural Sanitary Landfills - Typical SigningR41
Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon (RRFB)R42
Railroad Crossing - Passive Highway-Rail Grade Crossing SigningR43
Standard Practice - Rumble Strips/BicyclesR44
Thermoplastic Rumble StripsR45
Records Retention and DispositionR46
10/4/2018Decorative Crosswalks
11/22/2017Signs - National Championship Signing
9/26/2017Experience Rate Modifier (ERM)
7/12/2017Signs - Marine Highway Signing

3/31/2017Traffic Signals - System Timing
2/16/2017Historic Markers Program

​Added Memorandum

2/7/2017Bus Stop Encroachment Guidelines

New Topic

11/16/2016Unmuffled Engine Compression Brakes Signing

10/18/2016Study of State Parks and Trail Signage
12/11/2014Agricultural Tourism Signing

​Agricultural Tourism facilities can now use the word "Winery" as part of their business name

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