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    MSTA performs studies that address the safety concerns with the overall pedestrian safety and traffic operations on a school campus, and how traffic affects adjacent state roadways. To calculate the school operations, MSTA has developed a database of specific data that is compared to similar schools across North Carolina.

    Data indicates that AM traffic operations on a school campus usually operate safely and efficiently due to parent traffic arriving at a broader range of times.  PM traffic operations are quite different, most often parents arrive well before the school dismissal and park or queue (back up) along the campus driveway. The PM queue often results with vehicles stopped in the roadway or along the shoulder of a major through route, which increase the chances of accidents and similar traffic related safety concerns.​

    For more information contact MSTA staff​.

  • MSTA Consultants

    At the conclusion of the study, the CONSULTANT will provide the following deliverables to NCDOT:

    • Draft Final review document in the template format, including figures and additional recommendations
    • Analysis files, excluding history (.hst) files
    • ​Electronic traffic count files (.ppd)
    • Final review document addressing MSTA comments
    All files should be submitted in the standard folder configuration and file format as outlined in the attached .zip file. There are additional details in the files.

    MSTA Project File Master.zip ​(06/20/23)​

  • Types of School Studies:

    Student Loading Operations - Loading operations for both parents and buses are examined. Loading areas are observed for efficiency and safety. Recommendations include the following, but not limited to, improvements on loading process, identifying loading bays, restrictions for loading zone, advanced identification program, loading from passenger side of vehicle, etc. 
    Queue Length - Student loading operations are examined to provide the safest and most efficient patterns involving parents, students and buses. School driveways are measured to assure adequate queuing length to keep school traffic from interrupting nearby roads. Other information needed from Existing School * or School Site Plans * are needed before analyses and recommendations can be provided by MSTA. 
    Parking - Parking characteristic influence the overall traffic congestion and student loading process and organization. When necessary, MSTA provides recommendations to better utilize the existing parking lots and/or provide more efficient parking lot designs. 
    Pedestrian Safety - Facilities for relating to pedestrians (such as crosswalks, crossing guards, sidewalks, etc.) are examined to provide students with a safe environment to walk to and from school.  
    Signing - Inventory of signs located within campus and school zone are examined. These signs pertain to school zone identification, parking restrictions, speed limit, etc.

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