• Introduction

    The Local Programs Management Office (LPMO) provides guidance and oversight to Local Government Agencies (LGA) that receive federal or state funds to implement a project, program, or study.  LPMO establishes standard operating procedures for those projects that are administered by an LGA.


    LGA programs and projects receive federal or state money based on the recommendations of Municipal or Rural Planning Organizations (MPOs and RPOs), NCDOT Program Areas, and Board of Transportation Members.  LGAs are responsible for carrying out the design and construction of projects, or implementation of programs.


    NCDOT's role is to advise, approve and oversee the proper expenditure of funds by an LGA on an eligible project or program.  NCODT is committed to establishing appropriate oversight in order to ensure the best use of public funds and compliance with all applicable state and federal regulations.


    STEPS – (no links currently, but will be developed in the future)

    • PROGRAM FUNDS – identify eligible funding for a project and program the project in the STIP.
    • AGREEMENT – prepare, revise, and finalize a Local Project Agreement between NCDOT and the LGA that addresses scope of work, funding, schedule and responsibilities.
    • FUNDING AUTHORIZATIONS – funding must be authorized from FHWA before the LGA can incur costs that are reimbursable.
    • PROFESSIONAL SERVICES – the LGA shall use a qualifications-based and competitive selection process for any professional service needed.
    • ENVIRONMENTAL DOCUMENTATION – all projects must comply with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) if federal funds are on the project.
    • PLANS, SPECIFICATIONS AND ESTIMATE – Projects must be designed in accordance with applicable NCDOT standards and specifications and will be reviewed by NCDOT.
    • RIGHT OF WAY – the LGA acquires all ROW in accordance with the “Uniform Act”.  All ROW shall be certified by NCDOT.
    • BIDDING & LETTING CONTRACTS – the LGA lets a construction contract in accordance with applicable Federal and NCDOT policy and procedure.
    • CONSTRUCTION – all projects shall be constructed in accordance with the plans and specifications, with appropriate inspections, tests, and material certifications.
    • CLOSE-OUT – the LGA accepts the project from the contract, submits for final reimbursement, and is notified of retention time frames.​






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