2023 Powell Bill Program 

    In preparation for the upcoming 2023 Powell Bill Program, we suggest that you take a moment to go to the Enterprise Business Services website (https://www.ebs.nc.gov) to ensure that your able log on without any issues.  It is possible that your account went inactive if you haven't logged on for a while. 

    If you're not able to log onto the EBS website:

    1. Log onto NCID and reset your password: https://myncid.nc.gov/​
    • If your account is disabled, contact your Local NCID Coordinator to have your account reestablished.
    • Once your account is reestablished, you should attempt to log onto NCID again.

    You should not contact EBS Support with NCID issues. EBS Support cannot assist them.

    1. If you successfully log onto NCID and have reset your password, you should try logging on to EBS again. (https://www.ebs.nc.gov)  If you're still not able to log on, you should contact the DOT-IT SAP (EBS) Support Services staff at EBSSupport@ncdot.gov (include a phone number for them to contact you).

    Once you log in, keep in mind you won't be able to do anything until the 2023 Powell Bill Program is opened by July 1st

    ​The PowerPoint presentation from the training has been uploaded to our website.  

    The 2023 Powell Bill Program October Distribution is Completed

    Before October 1, 2023  

    The Powell Bill funds are used primarily to resurface municipal streets but also may be used to maintain, repair, construct, or widen streets, bridges, and drainage areas.  Municipalities can also use Powell Bill funds to plan, construct, and maintain bike paths, greenways, or sidewalks.

    The amount each municipality receives is based on a formula set by the N. C. General Statutes, with 75 percent of the funds based on population and 25 percent based on the number of municipality-maintained street miles.  The annual population figures are provided by the Office of State Budget Management.

    ​NCDIT has implemented a new log on requirement for the Powell Bill reporting system (PBRS) users.  All PBRS users will be required to have a NCID log in set up in order to be able to log into the PBRS.  Please see the instructions under the Powell Bill Reporting System heading on this webpage.

    Once you log in, keep in mind you won't be able to do anything until July 1, the opening date for Powell Bill. 

    If you have staff changes, please have the new staff members follow the instructions mentioned above to obtain a NCID/PBRS log in. You can email the PB unit  NCDOT_PowellBill@ncdot.gov for any staff members who will need their access to your municipality removed.

    Important Dates to Remember
     ​      ​Powell_Bill_Important_Dates_Graphic-03.jpg

    All of the required information for the Powell Bill program can be submitted in the PBRS on July 1 of every year.  Municipalities do not have to wait until the deadlines to submit the required information.

    Certified Statement, street listing (Word or Excel format), and if applicable a certified, digital Powell Bill map, and add/delete sheet are due between July 1st and July 21st of each year.

    Powell Bill Expenditures Report is statutorily due by August 1st of each year.

    Municipal Street Fiscal Data Report is due by December 1st of each year.


    Contact the Powell Bill Unit:

    For questions concerning the Powell Bill Program, please
    send us a direct email to: NCDOT_PowellBill@ncdot.gov

    NCID Support

    For assistance with login or password issues contact: 

    NCDIT phone: 919-754-6000


    Powell Bill Reporting System Support

    For technical assistance with the Powell Bill Reporting System contact:

    DOT-IT SAP (EBS) Support Services:

    Please include contact information (Phone #)
    Hours: Monday – Friday 7:00am – 4:30 pm

    Laws for the Powell Bill Program

    Senate Bill 259 Session Law 2023-134: 
    Highway Fund Availability       FY 2023-2024              FY 2024-2025
    Aid to Municipalities
      Powell Bill                             $170,345,000                  $185,875,000​

    The general statutes per sessions (history):
    Senate Bill 105 Session Law 2021-180: 
    Highway Fund Availability       FY 2021-2022                FY 2022-2023
    Aid to Municipalities
      Powell Bill                             $154,875,000                  $154,875,000
      Other Municipal Assistance   $4,319,350                          0

    SECTION 41.27. For the 2021-2023 fiscal biennium:
    (1) The Department of Transportation shall not reduce the funds appropriated 
    under this act to the State Aid – Powell Bill Fund for allocation under the 
    Powell Bill (G.S. 136-41.1 through G.S. 136-41.4).

    (2) Notwithstanding G.S. 136-41.1(a), eligible municipalities with a population 
    of 400,000 or more shall receive the same amount of Powell Bill Program 
    funds allocated for the 2020-2021 fiscal year. The remaining Powell Bill 
    Program funds shall be allocated to municipalities with a population of less 
    than 400,000 in accordance with the requirements of G.S. 136-41.1(a).
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