• Introduction

    ​G.S. 136-44.3A requires the NC DOT to submit a five year maintenance plan covering the preservation, resurfacing, and rehabilitation plans of the divisions. Each division will have a schedule for each county for each year of the plan. The first year is expected to be "firm" and reflect what will be delivered that year. G.S. 143B-350(f) requires the plan and any changes from the previous year's plan be posted to the Department's website by April 1st of each year.

    It is anticipated that this maintenance plan will be submitted annually with modifications and additions to adjust years 2 through 5 (which will become years 1 through 4) to changing conditions and needs. For example, an unusually cold and wet winter may cause roads in western NC to deteriorate faster than usual. Similarly, flooding due to a hurricane can also cause rapid road deterioration. Additionally, the division may become aware of local economic development planned along one or more roadways that makes strengthening those roadways a division priority.

    The first step in developing the plan was to use the Pavement Management System to identify the PMS sections to treat to achieve the best pavement condition rating. The budget used in the PMS optimization was based on the previous year's needs based allocation. This gave the divisions a place to start in developing their plan and insured that PMS data was considered.

    * The estimated cost data shown is not reflective of the actual engineer's estimate.

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