• ​NCDOT's Assessment group leverages mobile data collection, the utilization of mobile devices to collect information, to build inventories and perform condition assessments on state-owned highway assets directly in the field.  For over 10 years, mobile collections carried out by Operations Program Management Unit have characterized the condition of roads, pipes, signs, walls, and other infrastructure across the state. Our assessments team provides a wide range of services from consultation, to database design, to hiring contractors and building statewide inventories. Divisions and other business units at NCDOT are encouraged to contact us with their assessment requests and questions.


    Maintenance Condition Assessment Program (MCAP) is the basis for the biennial Condition Assessment and Funding Needs Report to the Legislature.  NCDOT created the Maintenance Condition Assessment Program to survey and evaluate the condition of the state's structures and paved roads in order to estimate the needs for routine maintenance and resurfacing. The MCAP Report assesses the current condition of the highway infrastructure and estimates the funding needs to reach a minimum level of service.

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