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  • SMU Working Drawing Submittal Status: 8/2/16 thru 9/21/16

    This online version of the submittal listing is updated semi-weekly, on Monday and Thursday mornings, usually by 10 AM.

    If your submittal does not appear on this listing, check with this Office. For many construction projects, the contact information is shown in the Structure Section of the Contract, as a Project Special Provision entitled “Submittal of Working Drawings”.

    Paul D. Lambert, PE                 919-707-6407
    James A. Gaither, PE               919-707-6409
    Madonna L. Rorie, PE               919-707-6508

    NCDOT Structures Management Unit, Working Drawing Review & Approval Section

DL00080AcceptedField connection for CIP Headwall - precast concrete arch culvert - 32-ft span x 11-ft rise x 72-ft lengthAlexander, Gaston, Ire..8/4/20168/9/2016
C203199Comments sent to Chris KreiderRequest to change pile typeBrunswick8/3/20168/4/20168/15/2016
(no title)AcceptedPedestrian Bridges (2) - 39'-10" x 10'-2" and 29'-1' x 10'-2"Orange7/28/20168/4/20169/7/2016
C203484Accepted - See Emailbridge deck expansion joint seals - 2 sandwich-gland type assembliesForsyth8/4/20168/4/20169/13/2016
C203433Under reviewNCR: Piece 134 -  Areas of concrete voids on the bottom - 77-inch MBTGuilford8/5/20168/5/2016
C203198Recommend AcceptanceNCR:  78'MBT PC#-402 Span 5LtLn Girder-2;  Shrinkage crack in the top flangeBrunswick, New Hanover8/5/20168/5/2016
C203617Accepted - See Emailbridge deck overhang falsework & traffic protection beneath bridgeRandolph8/5/20168/5/20168/19/2016
C203433Accepted as Noted - See Emailproposal to place crane on new bridgeGuilford8/8/20168/8/20168/23/2016
C202848under reviewelectrical conduit materialsCarteret8/8/20168/8/2016
C203484Accepted - See Emailprestressed concrete girder, casting yard setups, stressing calculations, casting drawingsForsyth8/8/20168/8/20168/24/2016
C203547superceded by file S08148proposal to place crane on bridge to handle materialsCleveland8/8/20168/8/2016
C203720AcceptedIntermediate Steel Diaphragms - 9 assembliesRutherford8/8/20168/8/20169/6/2016
C203748Accepted As Noted- See Emailtemporary detour structure design and drawings - Superstructure -Chatham8/9/20168/9/20168/31/2016
C202185Accepted as Noted - See Emailprestressed concrete girder - 96in. FIB Girder SD - Unit 13-Span 70 and Unit 14-Span 76-80Dare8/9/20168/30/2016
C203768Accepted AS Noted - See Emailtemporary detour structure design and drawings - SuperstructureWatauga8/9/20168/9/20168/30/2016
C203617Accepted as Notedfabricated metal stay-in-place form placing plansRandolph8/9/20168/9/20168/18/2016
C203273Revise and Resubmit - Geotechnical UniteShoring for traffic protection for Precast Culvert Installation Phase 1 - First SubmittalDurham8/1/20168/9/20168/18/2016
DN00448Returned for Correctionsprecast culvert design and drawingsPolk8/10/20168/10/20168/25/2016
DA00275AcceptableRFI - Substitution for Inserts for Temporary BarrierHyde & Dare8/10/20168/15/2016
DL00080No exceptions takenprecast concrete arch culvert - 32-ft span x 11-ft rise x 72-ft length - Alternate Epoxy AdhesiveAlexander, Gaston, Ire..8/10/20168/15/2016
C203394Acceptedbridge deck overhang falsework & traffic protection beneath bridgeDurham8/10/20168/10/20169/6/2016
C202587Revise and Resubmit - Geotechnical Unittemporary shoring design for phase 2 at double 10ft. X 6ft. concrete box culvert - soldier pile with timber laggingUnion, Mecklenburg8/10/20168/10/20168/23/2016
C203484Acceptedintermediate diaphragms - 18 steel cross frame assembliesForsyth8/10/20168/10/20168/22/2016
C203394AcceptedOverhang Falsework and Traffic ProtectionDurham8/10/20169/14/2016
C203658AcceptedExpansion Joint Seals - 2 AssembliesJohnston8/10/20168/10/20169/2/2016
C203645Accepted - See Emailoverhead sign support assembly designs and fabrication drawings - One assemblyRockingham8/4/20168/11/20169/20/2016
C202587Returned for Corrections (Geotechnical Unit)MSE retaining wall - Sine Wall type - five walls (Walls 5, 10, 3, 11, 4)Union, Mecklenburg8/10/20168/11/20168/22/2016
C202824Accepted - See Emailoverhead sign support assembly designs and fabrication drawings - Assemblies G and HMecklenburg8/11/20169/8/2016
C202880Accepted - See Emailoverhead sign support assembly designs - 2 AssembliesBuncombe8/11/20168/11/20169/7/2016
C202824Acceptedoverhead sign support assembly designs and fabrication drawings - Assemblies A and BMecklenburg8/11/20169/8/2016
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