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  • SMU Working Drawing Submittal Status: 08/26/19 thru 10/15/19

    This online version of the submittal listing is updated semi-weekly, on Monday and Thursday mornings, usually by 10 AM.

    If your submittal does not appear on this listing, check with this Office. For many construction projects, the contact information is shown in the Structure Section of the Contract, as a Project Special Provision entitled “Submittal of Working Drawings”.

    James L. Bolden, PE                 919-707-6408
    Emmanuel I. Omile, PE             919-707-6451
    Madonna L. Rorie, PE               919-707-6508

    NCDOT Structures Management Unit, Working Drawing Review & Approval Section

C204134AcceptedSites 1 & 2,  Metal Decking Shop Drawings - Submittal 104Johnston, Wake8/28/20198/28/20199/12/2019
C204134Accepted  See EmailSites 4 & 5,  Metal Decking Shop Drawings - Submittal 104Johnston, Wake8/28/20198/28/20199/10/2019
C204134Accepted-See EmailSites 7 & 8,  Metal Decking Shop Drawings - Submittal 104Johnston, Wake8/28/20198/28/20199/11/2019
C204134accepted - see emailSites 10,  Metal Decking Shop Drawings - Submittal 104Johnston, Wake8/28/20198/28/20199/9/2019
C204134Comments sent to MajidMSE Wall at End Bent 1 - Revision of Aug 27Johnston, Wake8/28/20198/28/2019
C204134Reviewed by GEUMSE Retaining Wall at End Bent 2 - RECo type - third submittal - Revision of Aug 27Johnston, Wake8/28/20198/28/20198/29/2019
DE00290AcceptedSubmittal 09.0 - Watson Bowman  - WaBo - Transflex Shop Drawings and WaBo - Sidewalk Cover Plate Shop DrawingsWake8/28/20198/28/20199/5/2019
C204232Acceptedbridge superstructure jacking for girder repairsMadison, Mitchell8/29/20199/12/2019
C204137no commentsC204137/R-2247EB - Site 10 MSE EB1 and EB2  Walls Design packageForsyth8/29/20198/29/20199/11/2019
C204203Accepted as NotedC204203 Submittal 026.1 - Auxiliary Gearmotor Certified Print - The factory-applied paint product details have been included in this submission for approvalNew Hanover8/29/20198/29/20199/5/2019
C203840Accepted-See Email-September 05, 2019C203840/R-2247EC - Noise Wall 8A RevisionsForsyth8/29/20198/29/20199/5/2019
DM00279No Exceptions TakenEastern Vault is requesting permission for the following deviations (see email and comment box)McDowell8/29/20198/29/20199/13/2019
C204238Acceptedbridge superstructure jacking for girder repairsChatham8/29/20199/12/2019
C204137no commentsC204137/R-2247EB - Site 10 MSE EB1 and EB2  Walls Design packageForsyth8/29/20198/29/20199/11/2019
DA00333No need to reviewDA00333 Temp Wall 1 & 2 DesignDare8/30/20198/30/20199/5/2019
C204254under reviewConceptual Rail Retrofit Shop Drawings for Rail Option 3Brunswick8/30/2019
C203862Returned for correction  by GEUSubmittal (#SOW 3-30.0: W_L_13 Soil Nail Wall Shop Drawings & Calculations (Station 11+38 to 18+72)) - First submittalForsyth8/30/20198/30/20199/5/2019
C203681Returned for correctionsintermediate diaphragms - 18 steel k-frame assembliesDavidson, Stokes, Rowan,9/2/20199/2/20199/4/2019
C203862Returned For Corrections by GTUTemporary Soil Nail Shoring - Station 16+61 to 16+82Forsyth9/3/20199/3/20199/5/2019
C204137Accepted-See EmailC204137/R-2247EB - Structure 10 PPC Girder Shop DrawingsForsyth9/3/20199/3/20199/16/2019
C203862Accepted - See Emailoverhead sign support design - 1 cantilever assembly - Assembly JJForsyth9/3/20199/3/20199/12/2019
C204069under reviewSubmittal #91.1: 1075_S-091.1_OH Signs A thr G Design and CalculationWake9/3/20199/3/2019
C203925Handled by othersBearing Painting Submittals - Painting of Existing Bearings with a Co-Polymerized High Ratio of "active" Calcium Sulfonate (HRCSA)Carteret8/21/20199/3/20199/23/2019
DH00265AcceptedDH00265 - Revised Overhang FalseworkChatham, Lee9/3/20199/3/20199/11/2019
C204096accepted - see email63-inch MBT prestressed girders - 16 membersGuilford9/3/20199/3/20199/17/2019
C204103Accepted as Noted See EmailType IV Prestressed Girders - 10 membersGuilford9/3/20199/13/2019
C203925Returned for CorrectionsBearing Reset PlatesCarteret8/21/20199/4/20199/16/2019
C204241Acceptedbearing Pad shop DrawingsDavie9/4/20199/4/20199/16/2019
C204134Accepted See EmailSite 1 Girder Drawings - Submittal 109 (REV 01)Johnston, Wake9/4/20199/4/20199/17/2019
C203889Acceptable with commentsCrane crossing of New bridge #19 on US-29Cabarrus9/3/20199/4/20199/9/2019
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