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  • SMU Working Drawing Submittal Status: 08/14/23 thru 10/03/23

    This online version of the submittal listing is updated semi-weekly, on Monday and Thursday mornings, usually by 10 AM.

    If your submittal does not appear on this listing, check with this Office. For many construction projects, the contact information is shown in the Structure Section of the Contract, as a Project Special Provision entitled “Submittal of Working Drawings”.

    James L. Bolden, PE                 919-707-6408
    Emmanuel I. Omile, PE             919-707-6451
    Madonna L. Rorie, PE               919-707-6508

    NCDOT Structures Management Unit, Working Drawing Review & Approval Section

C204633NewSee RemarksSubmittal No. 400-50.0 - Girder Erection Plan for Structure 5Forsyth8/16/20239/21/2023
naNewAccepted as Noted-See EmailSnow Hill Rd CMP Pipe (84 Inch Diameter) and Headwall Shop Drawings - First SubmittalDurham8/16/20239/5/2023
C204157NewUnder ReviewDeck Drainage System Shop Drawings and Product Data - First SubmittalWake8/17/2023
C204385NewAccepted See EmailGirder Erection Plan and Calculations - First SubmittalDavidson8/17/20238/17/20239/20/2023
C204027NewAccepted as NotedBridge Bearing Replacement - First SubmittalMecklenburg8/17/20239/13/2023
C204157NewAccepted - See EmailRFI:  MSE Wall WL3_1 Coping Repair ProcedureWake8/17/20239/7/2023
C204207NewUnder Review21 Inch Cored Slab Shop Drawings - First SubmittalWake8/17/2023
naNewAccepted - See EmailAluminum Structural Plate Headwall for 84 inch diameter Corrugated Aluminum Pipe - Second SubmittalDurham8/17/20239/6/2023
C204207NewUnder ReviewC204207 -Precast Drainage StructureWAKE8/17/20239/6/2023
C204385NewAcceptedStructural Steel Shop Drawing - Revised Submittal sheetDavidson8/18/20239/7/2023
C204746NewUnder ReviewU-2579AA (C204746) - Submittal #46.0: Structure 2 - Superstructure - Structural Steel Shop DrawingsForsyth8/18/2023
C204393NewUnder Reviewproposal to fix a field error (fill slope for EB2 on the referenced project has been installed shy of the plan grades)- First SubmittalRockingham8/19/20237/28/2023
C204746NewAccepted as NotedSubmittal (#38.0: MSE Wall #1 - Design Elevations, Details, Shop Drawings, & Design Calculations - Second submittalForsyth8/21/20238/23/2023
C204748NewPasses With RestrictionPlacement of Heavy equipment on new bridge.Randolph8/21/20238/30/2023
C204406NewReturned For Corrections-See E-mailPrecast option 12' x 8' x 61.5' SPLIT BOX CULVERTMcDowell8/21/20239/7/2023
C204764NewAccepted - See EmailOVERHANG DESIGN and shop drawingRobeson8/21/20239/19/2023
C204731NewUnder ReviewSingle 16' x 9' precast box culvert - Split Box - First SubmittalGraham8/22/20238/22/2023
C204716NewAccepted as NotedLaminated elastomeric bearing pads - 40 Type III pads, 20 Type V padsBurke8/22/20238/22/20239/15/2023
C204633NewSee RemarksC204633 - RFI 45 - Structure 6 Unit 1 Lateral bracingForsyth8/22/20239/15/2023
C204739NewComments sent to Jonathan R AlmondC204739 - Project A0009CB - Soil Nail Wall #15 Cast-in-Place Facing SubmittalGraham8/22/20239/15/2023
C204716NewUnder Reviewmetal stay-in-place form submittal - First SubmittalBurke8/22/2023
C204225NewAccepted - See EmailC204225 Craven County - Shop Drawings for Noise Wall 1 & 2 - first submittal.Craven8/22/20239/19/2023
C204207NewUnder ReviewTEMPORARY DETOUR BRIDGEWAKE8/23/2023
C204446NewAccepted - See EmailGirder erection plan/procedure - Unit 2 - First SubmittalDavidson, Rowan, Stanly8/24/20238/24/20239/20/2023
C204596NewAccepted - See Email54 Inch Prestressed Concrete Girder (Draped Strands ) - Elongation Calculations - 12 members - Second SubmittalRobeson8/24/20238/31/2023
C204196NewAccepted - See EmailOverhead Sign Structures G & O - Drawings and Calculations - 2 CantilieverWake8/25/20239/7/2023
C204196NewAccepted See EmailOverhead Sign Structures C & F - Drawings and Calculations - 2 CantilieversWake8/25/20239/7/2023
C204196NewAccepted - See EmailOverhead Sign Structures R, S and V- Drawings and Calculations -3 CantilieversWake8/25/20239/7/2023
C204764NewAccepted As Noted - See EmailLaminated elastomeric bearing pads - 12 Type IV pads, 25 Type V padsRobeson8/28/20238/28/20239/15/2023
C204813NewAccepted As Noted -See EmailTwo Bar Metal Rail Shop Drawings - First SubmittalGuilford8/28/20238/28/20239/21/2023
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