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  • SMU Working Drawing Submittal Status: 5/3/16 thru 6/22/16

    This online version of the submittal listing is updated semi-weekly, on Monday and Thursday mornings, usually by 10 AM.

    If your submittal does not appear on this listing, check with this Office. For many construction projects, the contact information is shown in the Structure Section of the Contract, as a Project Special Provision entitled “Submittal of Working Drawings”.

    Paul D. Lambert, PE                 919-707-6407
    James A. Gaither, PE               919-707-6409
    Madonna L. Rorie, PE               919-707-6508

    NCDOT Structures Management Unit, Working Drawing Review & Approval Section

C202587Accepteddeck overhang falsework design on Type III prestressed girdersUnion, Mecklenburg5/4/20165/5/20165/12/2016
C202587Accepted as Noted - See EmailType III AASHTO prestressed girders - 18 members  - Revision of 5/4/2016Union, Mecklenburg5/4/20165/5/20165/12/2016
C203590Accepted - Foundations Onlyoverhead sign support design - 3 cantilever assemblies - Revision of Apr 18Mecklenburg5/5/20165/11/2016
C202185Approvedpost-tensioning system qualificationsDare5/5/20166/16/2016
C203484Acceptedintermediate diaphragms - 12 steel k-frame assembliesForsyth5/5/20165/26/2016
C203752Superseded by May 10 submittal72-inch MBT prestressed girders - 10 membersTransylvania5/6/20165/10/2016
C202185under reviewsegment un-cambered geometry dataDare5/6/2016
C202185under reviewlongitudinal camber analysis - Unit 5 (navigational unit)Dare5/6/2016
C202185Approved20-inch square concrete piles - Revision 2Dare5/6/20165/9/2016
C203547Acceptedtraffic protection design beneath structure - Revised submittalCleveland5/6/20165/6/20165/9/2016
C203547Accepted as Noted - See Emaildeck overhang falsework design on single-span steel plate girdersCleveland5/6/20165/6/20166/14/2016
C203328Replaced by Revisionoverhead sign support design - two span-type assembliesCabarrus, Rowan5/6/20165/19/2016
C202185under reviewPT 2.5-inch stainless steel bar anchorage testing and certificationDare5/6/2016
C203398under reviewfalsework modifications for integral bent caps - Y-frame type - Revision of Feb 12Cumberland5/5/20165/6/20165/10/2016
C202185under reviewgeometry control manualDare5/6/2016
C202185under reviewnavigation span column and cap formworkDare5/6/2016
C203394Acceptedstructural steel general notes - Revision of Oct 21Durham5/6/20165/9/2016
C203529Accepted as Noted, See EmailType I (28-inch) AASHTO prestressed girders - 4 membersJackson, Haywood5/6/20166/3/2016
C203358under reviewstructure deck drainage system - layout and hardwareYancey, Mitchell5/6/2016
C203587Comments sent to Jon Almondtemporary soil nail walls no. 1 & 2Davidson5/5/20165/6/20166/2/2016
C202587Returned For Corrections - See Emaildeck expansion joints - sandwich-gland type - four assembliesUnion, Mecklenburg5/5/20165/6/20165/19/2016
C202587Accepted as Noted - See Emaildeck expansion joints - sandwich-gland type - four assembliesUnion, Mecklenburg5/5/20165/6/20165/20/2016
C202587Accepted as Noted - See Emaildeck expansion joints - sandwich-gland type - four assembliesUnion, Mecklenburg5/5/20165/6/20165/20/2016
C202587Accepteddeck expansion joints - P-type - two assemblies - second submittalUnion, Mecklenburg5/5/20165/6/20165/20/2016
C203632See reviewer's commentsdeck waterstop, dampproffing, waterproofingRobeson5/9/20165/17/2016
C203670Acceted as Noted, See Emailsubstructure design for temporary detour bridge - 81-ft x 13'-7" Acrow superstructure - Revisions of May 09Transylvania5/9/20165/9/20166/10/2016
C203484Accepted as Noted, See Email63-inch MBT girders - 18 membersForsyth5/9/20165/9/20166/3/2016
C202602Acceptedfabricated metal stay-in-place deck forms for three-span MBT prestressed girder bridge - Revision of May 2, 2016Iredell5/9/20165/9/20165/23/2016
C203398Acceptedcurved plate girder erection plan - Unit 1 (Spans A thru D)Cumberland5/10/20165/10/20165/24/2016
C202587Accepteddeck overhang falsework design on prestressed girdersUnion, Mecklenburg5/9/20165/10/20165/17/2016
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