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  • SMU Working Drawing Submittal Status: 2/29/21 thru 04/20/21

    This online version of the submittal listing is updated semi-weekly, on Monday and Thursday mornings, usually by 10 AM.

    If your submittal does not appear on this listing, check with this Office. For many construction projects, the contact information is shown in the Structure Section of the Contract, as a Project Special Provision entitled “Submittal of Working Drawings”.

    James L. Bolden, PE                 919-707-6408
    Emmanuel I. Omile, PE             919-707-6451
    Madonna L. Rorie, PE               919-707-6508

    NCDOT Structures Management Unit, Working Drawing Review & Approval Section

C203925accepted - see emailC203925 - 817009-T058 Atlantic Beach Jacking PlanCarteret2/2/20213/3/20213/19/2021
C204266acceptedRFI:  Bearing Stiffener Offset 1.25" from Centerline of Bearing  at Bearings #52 and #53 -  Disc BearingBuncombe, Henderson3/4/20213/10/2021
DC00287Accepted- See EmailType II Prestressed Concrete Girders - 15 members -  First SubmittalSampson3/4/20213/29/2021
C203867Accepted- as Noted- See EmailSteel Keeper Angle Assembly - First SubmittalMecklenburg3/4/20213/10/2021
(no title)under reviewPrecast three-sided culvert - 40-ft span x 6-ft rise x 42.5-ft long - First SubmittalUnion3/4/2021
C204179Not AcceptableRevised deck pour requestChatham, Lee3/5/20213/5/20213/18/2021
(no title)Accepted as Noted  See EmailShop Drawings and Calculations for SR 1970 Apache Drive - Davidson County - 66 Inch Aluminum Pipe with Aluminum HeadwallsDavidson3/8/20213/24/2021
C204137Accepted - See EmailC204137/R-2247EB - Structure 5 - SIP's working DrawingsForsyth3/8/20213/8/20213/17/2021
C203978Accepted as NotedI-5795 / C203978 - Bridge Painting Submittals - Weathering Steel & Bearings with HRCSAForsyth3/1/20213/8/20213/23/2021
C204304under reviewC204304 - Submittals for Shotcrete, ERI, Conc. RepairsBuncombe3/8/2021
C204181Comments sent to Jon AlmondC204181 Hwy 24/27 Jack & Bore CalcsStanly, Montgomery3/3/20213/8/20213/30/2021
C204265Accepted as Noted -See Emailsound barrier wall - concrete panels with 233 concrete piles - Second submittalBumcombe, Hernderson3/9/20213/9/20213/17/2021
C204265Acceptedsound barrier wall - concrete panels with 310 concrete piles - Second submittalBumcombe, Hernderson3/9/20213/9/20213/23/2021
C203980No Structural objectionC203980 S-MC0980-0181 Noisewall Auger Cast Pile Rev. 2New Hanover3/8/20213/9/20213/24/2021
C204157Accepted See EmailSound barrier walls - concrete panels with 149 concrete piles  - First submittalWake3/9/20213/26/2021
C204412Accepted as Noted - See EmailPrecast Backwall Panel - First SubmittalNash3/9/20213/9/20213/22/2021
C204043Review not requiredSubmittal S-FOL-158 Structures 7, 8 Bent 1 Falsework design and drawings - first submittalCumberland, Robeson12/3/20203/10/20213/12/2021
C204242Accepted as Noted- See EmailSpan Jacking for Bridge #484 - Bent 2Buncombe3/10/20213/25/2021
C204163No Exceptions TakenNCR/RFI:  Material Substitution for Base Plate and Wrong Size Holes Drilled in Base PlateIredell3/10/20213/22/2021
C204197Accepted as Noted - See EmailC204197 Submittals - Sound Barrier Wall (NW 49E) Shop Drawings - 136 Posts  - First SubmittalJohnston, Wake3/9/20213/10/20213/18/2021
C204157Accepted as noted-See EmailSubmittal S-218, Str08 Spans D and E Girder Shop Drawings - 63 Inch FiIB Girders - First SubmittalWake3/10/20213/10/20213/23/2021
C204157AcceptedSubmittal No. 161 - Bent Cap Falsework at Railroad - Second SubmittalWake3/10/20213/10/20213/23/2021
C204163Accepted As Noted - See EmailI-3819 U-6039 I40 I77 Interchange S-227 Structure 1 and Structure 12 Elastomeric Bearing Shop DrawingsIredell3/11/20213/11/20213/22/2021
C204078Need more informationC204078 Submittal #22 - Placing heavy Equipment (a wrecker Truck) on the new bridge to remove foundation pedestals from the detour bridge.Orange3/11/20213/17/2021
C204530Returned for Corrections - See EmailTemporary Detour Bridge (Superstructure and Substructure) - First SubmittalNorthampton3/11/20214/6/2021
C204137AcceptedLaminated Elastomeric Bearing Pads - 24 padsForsyth3/11/20213/11/20213/16/2021
C204157see remarksNoise Wall Form Liner - Second SubmittalWake3/11/20213/25/2021
MM00003Accepted as notedBiltmore Farms - Elastomer Bearings Shop DrawingsBuncombe3/11/20213/30/2021
C204003No Exception TakenRFI:  Barrier Coat (for End Plates)Perquimans3/11/20213/11/20213/18/2021
C203840See RemarksRFI: Proposal to Use Large Diameter Tapcon Screw to Install Omitted Parapet Ferrule Basket - Hardware for Precast Concrete Fascia PanelsForsyth3/11/20213/24/2021
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