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  • SMU Working Drawing Submittal Status: 3/6/17 thru 4/25/17

    This online version of the submittal listing is updated semi-weekly, on Monday and Thursday mornings, usually by 10 AM.

    If your submittal does not appear on this listing, check with this Office. For many construction projects, the contact information is shown in the Structure Section of the Contract, as a Project Special Provision entitled “Submittal of Working Drawings”.

    James L. Bolden, PE                 919-707-6408
    Emmanuel I. Omile, PE             919-707-6451
    Madonna L. Rorie, PE               919-707-6508

    NCDOT Structures Management Unit, Working Drawing Review & Approval Section

S-45-13Accepted - See Emailstandard three-line elliptical aluminum bridge rail - 30.08 linear feetWake3/8/20173/22/2017
C203197Acceptedfabricated metal stay-in-place deck forms - Supplemental Drawing for 2.6" x 7.5" formGuilford3/8/20173/8/20173/9/2017
C203697Accepteddeck overhang falsework design on prestressed girders;  temporary bracingOnslow, Jones, Craven3/6/20173/8/20174/7/2017
DC00165Accepted as Noted - See emailproposal to place crane on bridge for top down constructionSampson3/8/20173/30/2017
C203565Accepted as Noted - see emaillaminated elastomeric bearing padsCabarrus3/7/20173/8/20174/7/2017
DC00165Deniedproposal to place crane on bridge for top down constructionSampson3/8/20173/22/2017
C203328Returned for Correctios - See emailCabarrus, Rowan3/9/20173/23/2017
C203433Accepted - See Emailoverhead sign support designs - 1 assembly - Revisions of 2/27/17 and 3/8/17Guilford3/9/20173/30/2017
C203617Revieweddeck expansion joints - sandwich-gland type - installation procedureRandolph3/9/20173/23/2017
C203509Acceptedstandard two-line elliptical aluminum bridge rail system - 220.5 linear feetSurry, Yadkin3/9/20173/23/2017
C203819No exceptions takenPatching Material for Epoxy Overlay Product Information SheetCumberland3/9/20173/9/20173/15/2017
C203573Comments sent to Dean HardisterTemporary Soil Nail Shoring - Wall 2Buncombe, Mitchell, Mad.3/9/20173/15/2017
C203573Additional information requestedDeck overhang falsework for one span MBT girder bridgeBuncombe, Mitchell, Mad.3/9/20173/13/2017
C203567Acceptedexisting bridge demolition plans for work on railroad right of way - (Field)  Revision 2Durham3/9/20173/22/2017
C203406Accepted as Notedintermediate diaphragms - 8 steel channel assembliesMecklenburg, Iredell3/9/20173/9/20173/14/2017
C202587Accepted as Noteddeck overhang falsework for two-span Type III prestressed girder bridge & traffic protection beneath bridgeUnion, Mecklenburg3/10/20173/10/20173/23/2017
C202585Acceptedretaining walls - two RECo type - second submittalCaldwell, Watauga3/10/20173/10/20173/16/2017
C202587Accepteddeck overhang falsework for two-span Type III prestressed girder bridgeUnion, Mecklenburg3/10/20173/10/20173/24/2017
C202587Accepteddeck overhang falsework for plate girder bridgeUnion, Mecklenburg3/10/20173/10/20173/27/2017
C203406Acceptedrolled girder, diaphragm, sole plate, & bolt fabrication and erection drawings approval sets (spans A, B, D, E) - Revision of Mar 09 - Sheet HF330 onlyMecklenburg, Iredell3/10/20173/13/2017
C203529under review32 inch Alaska Two Tube Metal Rail - 60.5 LFJackson, Haywood3/10/2017
C203702Accepted - See EmailCasting drawings for 45-inch FIB Girders - 10 membersRowan, Cabarrus3/10/20173/27/2017
C203752recommend acceptanceNCR: Piece 10, Stress crack to be repaired as a spallTransylvania3/13/20173/16/2017
C203394under reviewStandard Temporary Shoring - End Bents 1 and 2Durham3/13/20173/13/2017
DG00344Accepted as Noted - See emailproposed under-deck blow-through containment planGuilford3/13/20173/31/2017
C203498Accepted - see emailarchitectural concrete surface treatmentJackson2/16/20173/13/20173/20/2017
C203889Accepted as Noted - See emailTemporary detour bridge substructure - Acrow superstructureCabarrus3/14/20173/14/20174/4/2017
C203917Handled by Chris KreiderTemporary soil nail wallCumberland3/14/20173/14/2017
C203869Accepted as Noted - See emailGland replacement for hold-down plate type bridge deck expansion joint systemMecklenburg3/14/20173/14/20173/29/2017
C203702Acceptedsteel diaphragm fabrication and erection drawings for prestressed girdersCabarrus, Rowan3/14/20173/14/20174/11/2017
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