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  • SMU Working Drawing Submittal Status: 04/04/22 thru 05/24/22

    This online version of the submittal listing is updated semi-weekly, on Monday and Thursday mornings, usually by 10 AM.

    If your submittal does not appear on this listing, check with this Office. For many construction projects, the contact information is shown in the Structure Section of the Contract, as a Project Special Provision entitled “Submittal of Working Drawings”.

    James L. Bolden, PE                 919-707-6408
    Emmanuel I. Omile, PE             919-707-6451
    Madonna L. Rorie, PE               919-707-6508

    NCDOT Structures Management Unit, Working Drawing Review & Approval Section

C204198Returned for Corrections -See EmailSound Barrier Wall - Concrete Panels with Concrete Posts - First SubmittalWake4/6/20224/27/2022
C204434AcceptableC204434 Craven - C204434 - Concrete Pump Truck on new bridge spanCraven4/6/20224/7/2022
(no title)Reviewed - See EmailC-5604JA Pedestrian Bridge Submittal (Bridge 1 and 2) 50' x 10'-7" Utley Creek Greenway Connector for the Town of Holly Springs (Contech)Wake4/6/20225/11/2022
C204202See EOR's commentsC204202 - Green River Bridge - Submittal S-030 - Minimum Bolt Requirement for Floorbeam Install - First SubmittalHenderson4/6/20224/6/2022
C204372superseded by Y04059S-1025-035 Rev 01 - 54 Inch FIB Prestressed Girders - (Spans X-BB) - 20 members - Third SubmittalCarteret4/7/2022
C204202Accepted - See EmailGreen River Bridge S-017.01 - Post Tension Anchorage Revision - Second SubmittalHenderson4/7/20224/25/2022
C204303Accepted -See EmailBridge Jacking shop drawing and calculation - Bridge #780132 on US 311 & NC 14/87/770Rockingham4/7/20225/3/2022
C204633Accepted As Noted - See EmailStructural Steel Shop Drawings - Unit 1 (Spans A-E) - First SubmittalForsyth4/7/20225/12/2022
C204003See Reviewer's CommentsOperations & Emergency Response Plans - Second SubmittalPerquimans4/7/20224/14/2022
(no title)Accepted See EmailOverhead Sign Support Designs - Assemblies A, F and G - Span Type - Second SubmittalScotland4/7/20224/22/2022
narecommend acceptanceNCR:  Diaphragm Holes Out of Tolerance - 45" Type III girders -Tag No.  1C0196...0536, 0537, 0539, 0540Wilkes4/7/20224/20/2022
C203759Under ReviewC203759 Fayetteville Outer Loop: Placing Haevy equipment (Grove RT765E-2) on new bridge Spans - Second SubmittalCumberland4/7/2022
narecommend acceptanceNCR:  Projection steel out of tolerance - 45" Type III girders -Tag No.  1C0196...0536, 0537, 0538, 0539, 0540Wilkes4/7/20224/21/2022
C204003See Reviewer's CommentsSubcable Installation - Second SubmittalPerquimans4/7/20224/27/2022
C204202revise and resubmitC204202 - Submittal S-021.02 Catwalk and Fall Protection Drawings and Calculations - 3rd SubmittalHenderson4/7/20224/11/2022
C204372Accepted as Noted - See EmailS-1025-035 Rev 02 - 54 Inch FIB Prestressed Girders - (Spans X-BB) - 20 members - Third SubmittalCarteret4/6/20224/7/20225/3/2022
C204633Accepted as Noted - See EmailStructural Steel Shop Drawings - First SubmittalForsyth4/7/20225/13/2022
C204202Accepted - See EmailC204202 - Submittal S-032 SIP Shop Drawings and CalculationsHenderson4/7/20225/4/2022
C204123See response in comment boxRFI regarding steel in culverts on NC 211 widening -  First SubmittalBrunswick4/7/20224/13/2022
12004443Under ReviewOverhead Sign Support Designs - Assemblies A, F and G - Span Type - Second SubmittalScotland4/7/2022
C204633Accepted As Noted - See EmailStructural Steel Shop Drawings - Unit 2 (Spans F-J) - First SubmittalForsyth4/7/20225/12/2022
DG00546Accepted With CommentsDG00546 Rockingham Co. BR # 106 (Dibrell Rd.) - Crawler Excavator on New BridgeROCKINGHAM4/8/20225/2/2022
C204571AcceptedC204571 R-5797 MSE Wall 1 and 2 - First SubmittalColumbus4/8/20225/5/2022
C204359Accepted as noted- See emailC204359 W-5600 Y7 STA 28+84 two barrel Culvert Roof Formwork Shop Drawings and Calculations - First SubmittalJohnston4/8/20225/4/2022
C203751Under ReviewRFI: Metal Fascia Connection to GirderWake4/11/2022
C204639No Exceptions TakenCulvert repairs  material - First SubmittalRobeson4/11/20225/3/2022
C203751See EOR commentsRFI:  Wake County Capital Blvd. - Metal Fascia (Misaligned bolts for fascia panel)Wake4/11/20225/2/2022
C204196AcceptedStructure 4 - MSE Wall Half Connecter Drawings - First SubmittalWake4/11/20225/3/2022
C204542Accepted As Noted - See EmailC204542 - U-5996 diaphragm and sole plate shop drawingsNash4/11/20225/10/2022
C204027Not AcceptableRFI: PPC for Concrete Repair with Silane Treatment (proposal to use PPC materials for deck repair on the scheduled silane-treated bridges)Mecklenburg4/12/20225/17/2022
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