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  • SMU Working Drawing Submittal Status: 3/28/15 thru 5/17/15

    This online version of the submittal listing is updated semi-weekly, on Monday and Thursday mornings, usually by 10 AM.

    If your submittal does not appear on this listing, check with this Office. For many construction projects, the contact information is shown in the Structure Section of the Contract, as a Project Special Provision entitled “Submittal of Working Drawings”.

    Paul D. Lambert, PE                 919-707-6407
    James A. Gaither, PE               919-707-6409
    Madonna L. Rorie, PE               919-707-6508

    NCDOT Structures Management Unit, Working Drawing Review & Approval Section


 Drawings Submittal Status

C202616No Exceptions Takenproposal to back mixer truck on deckHertford / Gates3/30/20154/10/2015
C203166Acceptedoverhead sign support foundation pier depth change - Assembly B, C - Revision of March 30Wake3/30/20153/30/20153/30/2015
DH00149Accepted as Noted, See Emailspan jacking plansRandolph3/30/20153/30/20154/13/2015
C203484Acceptedapproval fabrication drawings for structural steel for 280-ft, two-span plate girders, four lines - Revision of March 23Forsyth3/30/20154/27/2015
C202942Acceptedintermediate diaphragms - 6 steel channel assemblies - Revision of Mar 30Pender & Brunswick3/30/20154/27/2015
naReviewedtemporary shoring - slide rail typeWatauga3/30/20154/20/2015
C202848Accepted as Noted, See Emailprestressed concrete deck panel design - 26 spans - Revision of Mar 31Carteret3/31/20153/31/20154/13/2015
C203148Comments sent to Jon Almondcast-in-place cantilever retaining wall - Revision of March 30Mecklenburg3/31/20154/8/2015
C203393Accepteddeck overhang falsework on railway bridgeHaywood3/31/20153/31/20154/7/2015
DG00225Acceptedlaminated elastomeric bearings - 10 padsRockingham3/31/20153/31/20154/24/2015
C203503Acceptedanchor rod assemblies, sole plates and intermediate steel channel diaphragmsBladen3/31/20153/31/20154/8/2015
C203540Acceptedlaminated elastomeric bearings - 52 padsNew Hanover3/31/20153/31/20154/10/2015
C202848Accepted, See Emailfalsework & formwork design for pier columns (stems) - Bents 11 to 13 - Part I & IICarteret3/30/20153/31/2015
DC00092Accepted as Noted, See Emailproposal to place crane on span B to erect span A cored slabsPender3/31/20153/31/20154/16/2015
C203547Accepted as Noted, See Emaildeck overhang falsework on Type IV prestressed girder dual bridgesCleveland4/1/20154/1/20154/8/2015
C203547Returned for Correctiondeck expansion joint installation planCleveland4/1/20154/1/20154/14/2015
C203198Accepted as Noted, See Email72-in MBT prestressed girders in Span B onlyBrunswick, New Hanover4/1/20154/1/20154/16/2015
C202942Approved, See EmailType III prestressed concrete girders - 8 membersPender & Brunswick4/1/20154/1/20154/9/2015
C203198Accepted as Noted, See Email72-in MBT prestressed girders - 4 membersBrunswick, New Hanover4/1/20154/1/20154/16/2015
C203503Acceptedlaminated elastomeric bearings - 56 padsBladen4/1/20154/1/20153/30/2015
C203359Accepted, See Emailproposed added reinforcing in acute corner of deck panelsNew Hanover, Brunswick4/2/20154/7/2015
C203398Returned for Correction, See Emailvisual or sound barrier walls - design calculations for 20-ft concrete panels - Structures 24 thru 34Cumberland4/2/20154/23/2015
DN00389Accepted, See Emailoverhead sign support design - two assembliesHenderson4/2/20154/2/20154/8/2015
C203398Returned for Correction, See Emailvisual barrier walls and sound barrier walls - 9 sitesCumberland4/2/20154/29/2015
C203198See Review Commentsproposed method to secure expansion joint assembly during concrete pourBrunswick, New Hanover4/1/20154/2/20154/8/2015
C203048Acceptedstandard two-line elliptical aluminum bridge rail system - 161 linear feet - Revision of Apr 02Wake4/2/20154/21/2015
C203398handled with a larger Apr 02 submittalsound barrier wall - 104 columnsCumberland3/3/20154/2/20154/14/2015
C202880submittal withdrawn by contractorproposal to travel across stage one of new bridge with rough terrain craneBuncombe4/2/20154/29/2015
C202599Revise and Resubmithydrodemolition water management planPasquotank & Camden4/3/20154/3/20154/14/2015
C203398Accepted, See Emaildeck expansion joints - sandwich-gland type - two assembliesCumberland4/6/20154/6/20154/9/2015
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