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  • SMU Working Drawing Submittal Status: 4/30/18 thru 6/19/18

    This online version of the submittal listing is updated semi-weekly, on Monday and Thursday mornings, usually by 10 AM.

    If your submittal does not appear on this listing, check with this Office. For many construction projects, the contact information is shown in the Structure Section of the Contract, as a Project Special Provision entitled “Submittal of Working Drawings”.

    James L. Bolden, PE                 919-707-6408
    Emmanuel I. Omile, PE             919-707-6451
    Madonna L. Rorie, PE               919-707-6508

    NCDOT Structures Management Unit, Working Drawing Review & Approval Section

C202185Newunder reviewRFIs: Bent 13 Anchor Bolt Embedment Depth<br>RFIs: Bent 13 Anchor Bolt Embedment DepthDare5/2/20185/15/2018
DA00391NewNot acceptableBRIDGE NO. 8 - RFI-101 - 5-2-18 (SHEAR KEY DETAIL PER CONTRACT DWG vs SHEAR KEY DETAIL PER CURRENT STD)Hyde5/2/20185/2/20185/31/2018
C203197NewAcceptedAssembly F ModificationsGuilford5/2/20185/23/2018
C202587Newunder reviewRevised Crane on the bridge and setting the pilasters on both B100 and B200Union, Mecklenburg5/2/20185/2/20185/11/2018
C203918NewNot reviewedPile Driving Equip Data FormWatauga5/2/20185/2/20185/2/2018
C204119NewNo exception takenRFI 006 - Lead Counterweight BlocksNew Hanover5/2/20185/2/20185/7/2018
C202185NewNo objectionsRFI: Bent 29 2.5" PT Bar Length and Elevation ChangeDare5/2/20185/10/2018
DA00392NewNot AcceptableWASHINGTON CO., NC BRIDGE NO. 11 - RFI-101 - 5-2-18 Contract DA00392Washington5/3/20185/3/20185/31/2018
C203567NewAs long as CSX approves, we take no exceptionBridges 3 and 4 Concrete Deck Materials - NC 55 (Alston Avenue) Widening, Durham, NC; CSX No. NC0716, NSC File:  117-600/BR0010176, DOT No. U-3308Durham5/2/20185/3/20186/12/2018
C204004NewAcceptedstandard two-line elliptical aluminum bridge rail system - First submittalDavie, Davidson5/3/20185/3/20185/16/2018
C204119NewC204119 - Submittal 013 - Initial Span Balance Analysis ReportNew Hanover5/3/20185/4/2018
C203800NewComments sent to Jonathan R AlmondR-3100A - Temporary Soil Nail Shoring - Revised PlansCatawba5/3/20185/3/20185/18/2018
C203406NewConforms (see Stamped Plans)Bent 2 Post Tensioning Hardware DrawingsMecklenburg, Iredell5/3/20185/11/2018
(no title)NewAccepted – See Emailmetal headwall, wingwalls, and dead man anchor design for  aluminum pipe arch culvert - 11'-4" span x 5'-0" riseBeaufort5/3/20186/4/2018
DN00613NewAccepted as Noted - See Emailheadwalls, wingwalls & dead man anchor design - aluminum pipe arch culvert - 20'-6"- span x 7'-3" rise x 40 feet longClay5/3/20185/3/20185/24/2018
C204076NewAccepted As NotedCumberland County C204076 elastomeric bearing pad shop drawingsCumberland5/3/20185/3/20185/8/2018
C203907NewAccepted as Notednoise wall layout, erection plan, and fabrication drawings for columns and precast panelsNash5/3/20185/3/20185/22/2018
C204119NewApproved as notedC204119 - Submittal 014 - Balance Procedure during Auxiliary Counterweight Removal/InstallationNew Hanover5/4/20185/4/2018
DI00180NewAcceptedRowan Co. DI00180 shop drawings for two bar railRowan5/4/20185/4/20185/24/2018
C203394Newunder reviewSubmittal #0165 U-0071 Deck Pour Work Platform - STR 10 - Working Drawing Review - File U03050Durham5/4/20185/4/20185/18/2018
C204119Newapproved as notedC204119 - Submittal 014 - Span Guide Roller Removal & Installation PlanNew Hanover5/4/20185/7/2018
C204035NewAccepted- as -Noted-See E-mail-May 25, 2018C204035 / Type 3 Girders / Shop DrawingsRowan5/4/20185/4/20185/25/2018
C202185NewApproved as NotedTransition Column Shimming PlanDare5/4/20185/29/2018
DN00560Newno exception takenRFI: Questions from ProducerGraham5/4/20185/17/2018
C202185NewApproved as NotedWABO Modular Expansion Joint (Bents 18 and 29)Dare5/4/20185/14/2018
C204065NewAcceptedC204065 - Hall #027005-001 (42" Oregon Rail shop drawings )Stanly5/4/20185/4/20185/17/2018
C203789NewRecommend AcceptanceNCR: Piece T3 - Low Acceptance StrengthPender5/7/20185/10/2018
C203406NewAccepted as Noted - See Emailoverhead sign support design - Box Truss Double Pole and Cantilever Design - RP02 Overhead SignMecklenburg, Iredell5/7/20185/7/20185/24/2018
DE00242NewAccepted- As -Noted-See E-mail-May 23, 2018DE00242 (5BPR.3.2) Work Platform SubmittalWake5/7/20185/7/20185/23/2018
DK00236NewComments sent to Jonathan R AlmondSMSE WAll  Design Wilkes DK00236wilkes5/7/20185/7/20185/24/2018
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