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  • SMU Working Drawing Submittal Status: 08/22/22 thru 09/20/22

    This online version of the submittal listing is updated semi-weekly, on Monday and Thursday mornings, usually by 10 AM.

    If your submittal does not appear on this listing, check with this Office. For many construction projects, the contact information is shown in the Structure Section of the Contract, as a Project Special Provision entitled “Submittal of Working Drawings”.

    James L. Bolden, PE                 919-707-6408
    Emmanuel I. Omile, PE             919-707-6451
    Madonna L. Rorie, PE               919-707-6508

    NCDOT Structures Management Unit, Working Drawing Review & Approval Section

C204196Under ReviewToll Gantry Shop Drawings and Calculations - Second SubmttalWake8/3/2022
C203970accepted as noted - see emailOverhead Sign Assembly w/ Foundation Designs - Structure B-4 - Revised SubmittalMecklenburg8/2/20228/3/20228/24/2022
C204594AcceptedRequest to substitute hangers which were not installed prior to concrete pourBeaufort8/4/20228/9/2022
(no title)Under ReviewEB-5958 Pedestrian Bridge Superstructure and Substructure Drawings - Fourth Submittal - Revision of Jul 21Davie8/4/2022
naAccepted-SeeEmailModular Excavation Shoring System - First SubmittalChowan8/4/20228/25/2022
C204355AcceptedStructural Steel Shop Drawings for 270'-0"  two-span plate girder bridge, curved girders, 11 lines - First SubmittalWatauga8/4/20229/2/2022
C204493Accepted  As Noted See EmailElastomeric bearing for Bridge #90 on SR 1711 over US 421Yadkin8/5/20228/5/20228/18/2022
C204197See RemarksCenter-Mount Butterfly Bridge Signs and Calcs - First SubmittalJohnston, Wake8/5/2022
C204682AcceptedC204682 Intermediate diaphragms Shop drawing  - Second Submittal - Revision of August 4Ashe8/5/20228/5/20228/16/2022
C204197Under ReviewCenter-Mount Butterfly Bridge Signs and Calcs - First SubmittalJohnston, Wake8/5/20228/18/2022
C204157See RemarksNoise Wall Panel Crack Repair - First SubmittalWake8/5/20228/17/2022
C204397AcceptedSteel cross frame diaphragms - First submittalRutherford8/8/20228/8/20228/26/2022
C204633Returned for Corrections - See EmailSteel Channel diaphragms - First submittalForsyth8/8/20229/1/2022
naUnder Review5' x 5' x 78'  precast box culvert extention for proposed driveway - First submittalBurke8/8/2022
C204709Under ReviewC204709 Revised Submittal of Fabrication Joint shop Drawings - Second submittalMADISON8/8/2022
C204633Accepted- See EmailStructural Steel Shop Drawings - Unit 1 (Spans A-E) - Second Submittal - Revision related to RFI 24 (SMU Y07040)Forsyth8/8/20228/16/2022
DN00786Returned for corrections -See EmailDouble 11' x 5' optional precast culvert - First SubmittalJackson8/9/20228/9/20229/15/2022
C203970Requested more informationRFI request to cut off 4" vertically from one side of the Durisol panel for 2 baysMecklenburg8/9/20228/19/2022
(no title)requested informationSupplemental information for Steel Suspension Bridge Submittal - 5th submittalWake8/9/20228/23/2023
C204355Accepted as Noted-See EmailStrip Seal Expansion Joint at End Bent 1 & 2 and Parapet Cover Plate - Second Submittal - Revision of August 9thWatauga8/9/20228/9/20228/30/2022
C204603Accepted - See EmailSubmittal 35 - Handrail for CIP Wall #2 - First SubmittalAlamance8/9/20228/10/20228/30/2022
DB00536Returned For Corrections3' x 1.75' cored slabs - 20 members - First SubmittalPitt8/10/20228/29/2022
C204718Accepted as Noted - See EmailFabricated metal stay-in-place deck forms for one-span plate girder bridge - First SubmittalRowan8/10/20228/23/2022
C204629Under ReviewOverhang falsework submittal - First SubmittalBrunswick8/11/2022
C204123Accepted As Noted - See EmailUnderdeck Electrical Conduit System for NC 211 widening -  First SubmittalBrunswick8/11/20229/7/2022
C203905acceptedRequest to operate off-road trucks on structures 1 & 2 - First SubmittalCleveland8/11/20228/11/20229/1/2022
C204198Accepted - See EmailSound Barrier Wall - Concrete Panels with Concrete Posts (Revision 3) - Fourth SubmittalWake8/12/20228/26/2022
C204633Response given by EORRFI 26 for Post Tension bearing plates and trumpetsForsyth8/12/20228/16/2022
C204027See RemarksC204027 RFI #8 Collapsing Joints at various locationsMecklenburg8/12/20228/16/2022
C204558Reviewed - See EmailPump Truck on New Bridge (Spans A, C and D) - First SubmittalBladen8/12/20229/1/2022
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