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  • SMU Working Drawing Submittal Status: 8/28/17 thru 10/17/17

    This online version of the submittal listing is updated semi-weekly, on Monday and Thursday mornings, usually by 10 AM.

    If your submittal does not appear on this listing, check with this Office. For many construction projects, the contact information is shown in the Structure Section of the Contract, as a Project Special Provision entitled “Submittal of Working Drawings”.

    James L. Bolden, PE                 919-707-6408
    Emmanuel I. Omile, PE             919-707-6451
    Madonna L. Rorie, PE               919-707-6508

    NCDOT Structures Management Unit, Working Drawing Review & Approval Section

C203937Acceptedsteel diaphragms for PCGRobeson8/30/20179/5/2017
C203406AcceptedMecklenburg, Iredell8/30/20179/12/2017
C203937Comments sent to Chris Kreiderretaining walls - two RECo typeRobeson8/30/20179/29/2017
C203702Accepted as Notedbridge deck overhang falseworkRowan, Cabarrus8/30/20179/21/2017
C203617Acceptedbridge deck overhang falseworkRandolph8/31/20179/14/2017
DG00342AcceptableProposal to walk John Deere Excavator Across New BridgeRockingham8/31/20179/5/2017
C203930See Tim Sherrill emailRFICURRITUCK, DARE8/31/20179/6/2017
C203789Acceptable (per David Stutts)RFI: Release Strength Reduction Request for Spans G, H and IPender8/31/20179/6/2017
DD00208Handled by other DOT UnitsBridge Preservation Work PlansHalifax, Johnston, Nash8/28/20178/31/20179/7/2017
(no title)Comments to M. Mahjoub AcceptableBridge crossing analysis, Bridge #180514Chatham8/31/20179/26/2017
C203609AcceptedExpansion joint Drawings<br>PPC Girder shop DrawingsPitt8/31/20179/14/2017
C203937Additional information neededCrane for Pile DrivingRobeson9/1/20179/1/201710/4/2017
C203394Accepted as NotedDMS foundationDurham9/1/20179/1/20179/19/2017
C203399Acceptedfabricated metal stay-in-place deck formsGuilford9/1/20179/1/20179/26/2017
DD00208AcceptedPaint containmentHalifax, Johnston, Nash9/1/20179/28/2017
C203941Accepted as NotedElastomeric Bearing PadsHertford9/5/20179/5/20179/12/2017
DM00212Accepted as Noted - See Emailheadwalls, wingwalls & dead man anchor design - aluminum box culvert - 21'-10" span x 5'-8" rise x 40'-6" longBurke9/5/20179/5/201710/2/2017
DM00212Accepted as Noted - See Emailheadwalls, wingwalls & dead man anchor design - aluminum box culvert - 25'-2" span x 6'-2" rise x 40'-6" longBurke9/5/20179/5/201710/2/2017
C203955AcceptedSIP Forms - First SubmittalCraven9/5/20179/20/2017
C202587AcceptedPump Truck on New BridgeUnion, Mecklenburg9/5/20179/5/20179/18/2017
C202587AcceptedCrawler Crane Crossing New BridgeUnion, Mecklenburg9/5/20179/5/20179/18/2017
C202185Concur with review of HDR EngineeringBridge Conduit System - Fiberglass Conduit and FittingsDare9/5/20179/5/20179/12/2017
C203406AcceptedNoise Wall 5 - Revision of August 29Mecklenburg, Iredell9/6/20179/20/2017
C203617Accepted as Noted - See Emailbridge deck overhang falseworkRandolph9/6/20179/6/20179/21/2017
C203406Comments sent to Jon AlmondRP04-11 & RP04-13 MSE wall design submittal for I-3311CMecklenburg, Iredell9/6/20179/13/2017
C203406Accepted as Noted-See EmailRP05 Overhead Sign StructuresMecklenburg, Iredell9/6/201710/2/2017
C203867Accepted as Noted - see EmailContainment Plans and Design - First submittalMecklenburg9/6/20179/6/20179/20/2017
C203399AcceptedRevised structural steel shop drawings for  111'-9" Span A and 168'-3" Span B plate girders  - Revision of September 9Guilford9/7/20179/28/2017
C203406Accepted - See EmailType II  & Type IV AASHTO Prestressed Concrete Girder Casting Drawings - Spans A - C - 19 membersMecklenburg, Iredell9/7/20179/21/2017
C203406Comments sent to Jon AlmondPermanent Soil Nail WallMecklenburg, Iredell9/7/20179/20/2017
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