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 2006 English Stds

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Disc Bearings (Feb 2014).pdfDisc Bearings (Feb 2014)2/3/2014
Sound Barrier Walls (Jan 2014).pdfSound Barrier Walls (Jan 2014)1/15/2014
Design Manual Revision (Sept 2013).pdfDesign Manual Revision (Sept 2013)9/6/2013
Revisions to Design Manual Figures 6 27 2013.pdfRevisions to Design Manual Figures 6 27 20136/27/2013
Revisions to Standard Drawings 6 27 2013.pdfRevisions to Standard Drawings 6 27 20136/27/2013
Steel Reinforced Bearing Pads.pdfSteel Reinforced Bearing Pads10/24/2012
F-Shape Concrete Barrier Rail.pdfF-Shape Concrete Barrier Rail10/15/2012
QC QA for Structure Plans.pdfQC QA for Structure Plans10/15/2012
Scour Notes.pdfScour Notes10/9/2012
Foam Joint Seals.pdfFoam Joint Seals9/28/2012
Design Manual Revision.pdfDesign Manual Revision8/24/2012
Updated TVA Submittal Guidelines v05.pdfUpdated TVA Submittal Guidelines v055/1/2012
Design Manual Revision Chapters 1 7.pdfDesign Manual Revision Chapters 1 72/17/2012
Precast Box Culverts v03.pdfPrecast Box Culverts v032/10/2012
End Bent Cap Depth.pdfEnd Bent Cap Depth12/21/2011
Foundation Conditioning Material for Box Culverts.pdfFoundation Conditioning Material for Box Culverts12/12/2011
Vertical Concrete Barrier Rail Rev 12 7 2011.pdfVertical Concrete Barrier Rail Rev 12 7 201112/5/2011
Lateral Bracing of Long Span Steel Girders.pdfLateral Bracing of Long Span Steel Girders10/31/2011
LRFD Seismic Design.pdfLRFD Seismic Design10/24/2011
Transmittal Form Revisions to Structure Standards.pdfTransmittal Form Revisions to Structure Standards10/5/2011
ADT Criterion for Sub Regional Tier Bridge Type Rev 12 22 11.pdfADT Criterion for Sub Regional Tier Bridge Type Rev 12 22 1110/3/2011
Revisions to Standard Drawings.pdfRevisions to Standard Drawings9/28/2011
Distribution Factors and Methods of Analysis.pdfDistribution Factors and Methods of Analysis9/23/2011
LRFD Culvert Design and Rating.pdfLRFD Culvert Design and Rating8/12/2011
FEMA Stream Crossing.pdfFEMA Stream Crossing7/8/2011
Design Manual Misc Revision.pdfDesign Manual Misc Revision3/11/2011
Longitudinal Construction Joints.pdfLongitudinal Construction Joints3/11/2011
Pot Bearing Design Loads.pdfPot Bearing Design Loads3/11/2011
Transverse Construction Joints.pdfTransverse Construction Joints3/11/2011
Armored Evazote Joints.pdfArmored Evazote Joints12/3/2010
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Coding of Condition Ratings.pdfCoding of Condition Ratings12/6/2012
Structure Inventory of Division Let Projects.pdfStructure Inventory of Division Let Projects3/6/2013
Bridge Inspectors Exceedng Established Inspection Interval.pdfBridge Inspectors Exceedng Established Inspection Interval5/20/2013
Inspection Criteria-Less Than Regular Intervals.pdfInspection Criteria-Less Than Regular Intervals11/15/2013
Traffic Safety Features for Culverts.pdfTraffic Safety Features for Culverts11/15/2013


Priority Maintenance and 501502 Documentation.pdfPriority Maintenance and 501502 Documentation12/11/2012
Standard Bridge Reports.pdfStandard Bridge Reports9/9/2013
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