Spring Field Review Site 02 2005Cumberland, SR 1006 over the Cape Fear River
~ Use of very tall galvanized pipe piles, which had lots of visible repairs to the galvanizing.
 ~ FHWA inquired if NCDOT ever fills tall pipe piles with reinforced concrete. The Department does not fill pipe piles with concrete.
 ~ In response to a question about the economy of pipe piles, the Geotechincal Unit stated that they would recommend their use in more locations if the Department had standard drawings for 18", 24", and 30" diameter galvanized or metallized pipe piles.
 ~ It was suggested that the Structure Design Unit develop a standard drawing for 12" pipe piles to replace 12" "H" piles because the pipe piles will allow for using shorter piles since close ended pipe piles can develop significant end bearing in addition to skin friction.
 ~ For the drilled piers on this site, polymer slurry was used to stabilize the excavation.
 ~ Steel girder flange splices had as many rows of bolts as the web.
 ~ It appeared that the girder span lengths could have been longer.
 ~ The Construction Unit noted the need to detail a for short "knee" wall on decorative rails to allow contractor to level up forms and make adjustments for variations in elevations in the deck so that the top of the rail will be at a constant elevation. It was also noted that decorative rails add time to contract period.
 ~ This site had several utilities adjacent to the bridge. It was noted that in most cases it is better to relocate utilities that are impede construction activities. However, it was recognized that the owners often don't have sufficient funds for relocation, but in general the utility owners would permit relocations if the Department will pay for them.
 ~ A permit modification was required for barge landing because it was omitted in the original permit
5-span steel structure with classic rail
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