Spring Field Review Site 02 2007Craven PamlicoBridge #65 on NC 55 over Upper Broad Creek
~ The link slab bridge deck looked very good with only minor cracking parallel to the link slab.
 ~ The Construction Unit reported that link slabs are somewhat easier to construct than continuous for live load diaphragms.
 ~ FHWA encouraged the Department to consider link slabs on future projects.
 ~ Link slabs appear to be appropriate for routine use on bridges with a limited skew and span range (e.g. spans for Type II and III concrete girders).
 A/I ~ Structure Design will develop a policy for using link slabs
~ 12-span link slab bridge, first visited during the 2005 Spring Field Review.
 ~ This link-slab bridge consists of deck slabs made continuous at the bents, coupled with debonding the slab from the girder for a few feet at joint locations.
 ~ It is sometimes used in lieu of continuous for live load structures.
 ~ Joints in the deck at the link slab consist of saw cuts filled with silicone.
 ~ The structure has been under traffic for nearly 2 years.
 ~ The structure features a fairly severe skew, as the skew was based on the flood flow direction rather than the normal water flow direction.
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