Spring Field Review Site 02 2008DavidsonBridge #149 over Rich Creek
~ A culvert was not used because of the high potential for sediment transport.
 ~ Coal-tar epoxy protective coating was damaged during driving and welding.
 ~ Materials and Tests Unit recommended the Bridge Management Unit eliminate coal-tar epoxy piles from its inventory.
 A/I ~ Geotechnical Engineering will develop a policy for using H-piles in pre-augered weathered rock.
~ Division Bridge Management Purchase Order Contract (POC) project.
 ~ Interior bents utilize H-piles which are driven into pre-augered weathered rock
 ~ Estimated cost for H-piles with pre-augering ($15,560) was compared to cost of drilled piers ($35,300).
 ~ Potential for cost effective foundation type for sub-regional tier bridges located west of I-95.
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