Spring Field Review Site 03 2007MartinBridge #36 on SR 1523 over Smithwick Creek
~ This site was not visited because there was a delay in delivering the precast concrete deck panels.
 ~ However, there was some discussion on the construction progress and provisions for research, evaluation and documentation of the project.
 ~ There were no IBRD research funds for this project, but the Structure Design Unit will coordinate documentation of the project activities.
 A/I ~ Structure Design will facilitate the project documentation.
~ A 2005 IBRD bridge project, which is a trial of an accelerated construction technique used in other states.
 ~ 90' single span, with 36" steel girders and a full-depth precast deck.
 ~ Deck consists of 11 full width, 8' long full depth panels that are longitudinally post-tensioned together.
 ~ Panels have four longitudinal post-tensioning ducts, with 5 strands per duct.
 ~ Deck panels are attached to the girder by field welding studs to the top of the girder through a recess in the panel and grouting the girder and panel together.
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